Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Someone Made Me Eat This: No Way!

I must tell you that I am beyond stunned today. MIL did not serve us a table full of fried foods! But that's not even the most astonishing thing.
 Shocker #1: she MADE this chicken. It doesn't look all that delicious in the photo (her plating sucks, plus my flash photography never does these things any favors) but let me tell you...it is. So as I'm eating it, enjoying that it's juicy and flavorful and not greasy and fried, she tells me she made it. "Ni?!?" I sputter, with a mouth full of chicken. She caught me so off-guard that I actually talked with my mouth full. I couldn't help it. "Ni?!? Ni zoufan le ta???" I ask again, incredulous. You?!? You?!? You cooked this??? And she seems pretty pleased with herself as she tells me that she did. I have to give her credit: great job, MIL. Make this again. And again. But not every fucking day, ok? You did good here.

Of course, she's served it with a giant bowl of rice. My husband will eat that, easy. I actually ignored her rice tonight because earlier, when my husband ran us to the supermarket, he bought me a little tray of salmon sushi rolls. They were so good too. So good that I gobbled them up before I even thought to take photos. But I still had to take bites of the dishes she prepared. Her chicken gets an A+ tonight though I wonder if she really truly made it herself or bought it from someone who knows how to cook.

Now let's talk about the red and yellow bowl of mess that looks like someone ripped Ronald McDonald's scalp clean. It looks menacing and gross but it's actually tomatoes cooked with eggs and garlic. It's not an awful dish, but I don't love it. I don't hate it either. I'm just kind of meh about it. Basically, I'd rather eat other things but this is far better than many things she makes.

Here's some potatoes with onions. Not bad either but still fried. Not deep fried, mind you, but the amount of oil at the bottom of this bowl is a bit unsettling. She just can't not fry anything, can she? At least she didn't fry everything this time though.

And here's Shocker #2: She didn't serve xifan! I know. How weird is that?!? I couldn't believe she actually let us go one night without trying to force that shit down our throats.

So will we get a big steaming bowl of xifan with dinner tomorrow? Will MIL go for 3 days in a row of winning with decent food? I think she'll break her good streak, but who knows...she could very well surprise me. After all, she surprised me with that chicken tonight. Check out other Someone Made Me Eat This posts right here until then.

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