Monday, August 11, 2014

Someone Made Me Eat This: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

In addition to being utterly hysterically funny today, MIL did a fairly decent job with dinner. It was good, bad and ugly, all at once.
First, the good:
I actually have to say I like everything pictured here. We've got cucumbers with that garlic soy sauce (I could do without the sauce honestly), then that green thing is actually leeks and eggs and it's really tasty. There's chicken wings and fried shrimp. And that thing in the back is tuduo bien, or potato bread. Normally, I hate when she makes tudou bien because she sucks at it. She always adds too much flour and it tastes like a glutenousy mess with hints of potato flavor. I like tuduo bien when it's made right. Tonight, MIL surprised me by making it right. I'm shocked.

The bad:
Out of 5 offerings, 3 of them are fried. So this meal, while tasty, is not very healthy. Jeremy kindly explained this to his mother. Not just for my benefit but also his. He doesn't want to eat so many fried things either. Of course, this just means she'll make different gross things. But hey, I've lost 20 pounds since having the baby just from breastfeeding, and presumably starving because I hate most of the shit she cooks, so this could be a good thing as I work on losing the rest of the baby weight.

And finally, the ugly:
A Broad Abroad file photo of xifan.

And yes, of course she served us xifan again. Because she thinks this is healthy. Well, at least it's healthier than 3 plates of fried food, I'll give her that.

Will our non-fried future meals be edible? Stay tuned. Check out previous Someone Made Me Eat This posts here.  

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