Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to you all from the Qu Family! xoxo

This is just a quick post to wish you all a very happy new year, filled with good health and good wealth. Say, you're right. I AM in a great mood. Why? Because I cleaned my house the other day and it is STILL clean. That's because my in-laws haven't come over. I had to go there just before the new year to celebrate my FIL's birthday and then we went again the other night because they bought a dining table *gasp* and paid 2,000 yuan for it plus 4 chairs and a non-wonky stand for the TV. Of course, they HAD TO show it off. Look how much we paid for our stupid table, chairs and TV stand but we won't even think of getting a real toilet! And then I told my husband enough's enough. This is my vacation and I want at least one week without having to see either one of them. So far, my dreams are coming true. I am spending the day with my adorable daughter who needed a nap from all our play time. When she wakes, we'll color and eat what will hopefully be a tasty cake. I say "hopefully" because it is a gluten-free mix, courtesy of Phillip and Kimmy. The batter tasted a little odd when I popped it into the oven. It called for a tablespoon of lemon juice. Maybe that was what contributed to the weirdness, as in all my baking adventures, I've never once seen a cake mix that calls for lemon juice. Unless it's a lemon cake. But this one is chocolate. Hmmm...

In any event, at least it smells good baking. And I've got plenty of frosting to top it with once it has cooled. Stay tuned for the results! I can only hope every day of my vacation is this blissful. Sure, I'll get out a bit some days, but for today, it's just wonderful to be snuggled up indoors where it's warm. And clean. When we went to Metro the other day, they had a huge sale on Tide refills. I'd been bugging my husband for Tide but every time, he goes with the cheapest laundry detergent. This time, it WAS the cheapest. After running a load yesterday, Jeremy couldn't believe how incredibly clean and soft all the clothes were. And that smell! Ahhh! Heaven! No way my house smells like luo bo now! If my in-laws did come over, they'd probably drop to the floor much like insects do when you give them a good wallop of bug spray, crippled from the clean. When we went to their house for dinner the other night, the floors were so nasty - even after FIL "mopped" right in front of us - that the feet of Raelynn's black stockings were dusty and crusty. Ugh. Oh, and if you know someone is coming to your house with a small child, wouldn't you put away the knife you use to cut up fruit? No, you'd leave it out on the coffee table where she can get it, of course! And leave scissors in reach too! No wonder Raelynn likes going over there!

Anyway, here's to a new year, and hopefully less time with annoying in-laws! Huzzah!


  1. I hope your cake turns out good!!! As far as Tide goes, I totally understand what you mean by cheaper brands not working! Tide is definitely worth the price, we use the Tide pods. They work really good and are very convenient. Although, I would be really careful that Rayelynn doesn't get around them, I actually heard a story on the news about a toddler who got hold of one of the pod things and ate it because she thought it was candy! Luckily she was ok, but that still had to be scary!

  2. It was great, Nancy! Check the most recent post "Half Baked." As for the Tide, it was a 3-pack of refills. You buy them when you already have a large plastic container and it saves the environment and is cheaper. I keep these things far out of her reach but she'd really have to do some gnawing if she ever got a hold of them. They are too large to be mistaken for candy.