Thursday, July 3, 2014

Thank You, Non-Lazy Postal Guy!

After the build up and quick disappointment yesterday, thanks to the lazy postal workers who didn't want to deliver our package from my folks because it was "too big," I needed a day like today.

My husband had a client arriving from Korea who he had to shuttle around the city today. He hates when this happens because that means he's not just working all day but he won't be home for dinner. Or in time to say goodnight to his daughter. And of course, it also meant he couldn't go pick up my package that those lazy folks over at the post office wouldn't bring to us. So that's a bummer. Plus, being here, far away from my friends and family on 4th of July, it just added to my homesickness.

So imagine my surprise when Jeremy calls me in the late morning with some fabulous news: another postal worker (apparently the only non-lazy one) called him up to tell him he was bringing us our package. Normally, even non-lazy workers will balk at climbing up 6 flights of stairs to bring you a package but Jeremy made sure to tell him I am 9 months pregnant with a small child at home and cannot come down to retrieve it. No problem. This guy was totally awesome. He hauled that big box up the stairs, sweaty and gasping for breath, but with a smile on his face the whole time. I love when I encounter people like him here because it restores my faith in there being good people out there in this world.

Does this package look excessively enormous to you?

I mean, it's big but not so big that I can understand why the other postal workers were complaining. It's not like it's the size of a full-size refrigerator. Or even a full-size refrigerator itself!

Anyway, thank you Non-Lazy Postal Guy! Thanks for doing your job and making a very pregnant, homesick expat very happy today.

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