Tuesday, July 29, 2014

The Chair! The Chair!

Today, I am a happy mommy. Our new Fisher Price bouncy lounger chair is here. That means I can (hopefully) get more done around here. No more crying baby while I'm about to turn on the stove. Or while I'm mid-saute and now must turn off what I was making for lunch to attend to a wailing infant. No more jumping up from the table to rock, sing and dance sleep back into a baby.

I'm thrilled I can finally put Seoul in this chair and move her wherever I happen to be. Putting away laundry? No problem! Cooking in the kitchen? Come on in! Playing with Raelynn? Come watch us from your comfy little chair.

It even vibrates which sends her right off into sleepy-land. We had such a nice lunch today, thanks to this chair. I was able to eat my food while it was still hot! AND! I was able to eat until I was full...not just a few bites before I was forced into starvation-mode like I was last night - which was actually fine because MIL cooked and she made us burnt burgers which I sadly didn't get a chance to photograph because I was busy rocking a baby in my arms for HOURS.

I would also like to add that my husband put this thing together. Thanks, Honey! The instructions were in English and Chinese. He claims he read everything but he put the canvas for the chair (which has a lion on it that's hard to see since Seoul is laying on it) on upside down. He also managed to make the entire chair lopsided. I discovered that he'd extended one leg in the back and not the other. Oh Jeremy! I love you anyway!

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