Sunday, July 6, 2014

Freakout, Part II!

I think I've mellowed ever so slightly about the whole giving birth thing from my last post. That's good news, right? But now I'm freaking out yet again about having to stay in the hospital. I hate hospitals. I always have and I think I always will. Today, we went for our 37 week check-up. Baby is looking good and we're still scheduled for a c-section on July 24th (sorry Auntie Jill...I know you really want the 22nd but July 24th will put me in week 39). I mildly panicked again today and the doctor calmly reassured me that everything was going to be just fine. Of course you'll be ok. Of course we will make sure the baby will be brought to you immediately afterward for breastfeeding. Yes, we have air-conditioning in all the rooms. Yes, I understand you will go insane and hack everyone to bits if we don't turn it down low enough or even turn it off...

We were told we should come in at night on July 23rd to prep for surgery. Um, no! Why must I spend an extra night in that uncomfortable bed? So I can have my surgery in the morning? Can't I have it in the afternoon? I can? Great. So I'm not coming in on the 23rd. Just get me in there, prep me and let's do this shit before I freakout (again) and change my mind. Again, I must wonder why we can't just bud children or regenerate them or grow them from spores? Urgh...

So after all of this, I began to chill out severely. I began to get excited about meeting my new baby who I'm sure I'll figure out how to get used to even with a noisy big sister hanging about.

Oh God. The noisy big sister. RAELYNN. My precious daughter!

And thus, my panicking begins again as I realize that I have to leave her with my idiotic in-laws. In Chinese hospitals, you have a family member stay with you to help you out. Nurses come in to check stats, give medicine and change IVs. My husband is expected to empty the catheter bag and help me to get out of the bed when I am cleared for walking around again. We toyed with having Raelynn stay with us but she'd get antsy. I know my girl. Someone has to watch her at home, and unfortunately, it's them.

Jeremy is most worried about the window in her bedroom where her new old bed makes it easy to access now. He's going to figure out a way to block the track so it can't be opened wide enough for even her to slip through though I have been making her afraid of windows for a while now. She's pretty good at listening when it comes to stuff like this but my in-laws are such cheap-ass creatures of habit. They think nothing of opening the windows in the heat of July and August instead of turning on the A/C.

Have you ever been forced to leave a child that you love with complete and utter morons? We did once when Raelynn was an infant but in Chinese culture, they don't take infants out of the house. I worried more that MIL would be bathing Raelynn and hear the phone ring and leave her in the tub. Because she is that dumb.

Now there's more to worry about. Windows. Incompetency in public as well as inside our own home. And let's not forget the whole mess situation. My house was a pigsty when I came back from the hospital with Raelynn. After a c-section, you can't exactly go running around scrubbing the floors. I've told my husband that if the house is not cleaned to my satisfaction when we return, he's going to be cleaning it himself. You can see here what was in my kitchen when I returned from the hospital with Raelynn.

Honestly, if the house is messy and Raelynn is ok, then I will just be happy. I don't want anything to happen to my sweet girl. I love her more than anything and if those two incompetent boobs do anything stupid to put her in jeopardy, I'll put a world of hurt on them. Please help me pray for the safety of my first born as well as a fast, easy, pain-free delivery and recovery, my health and the health of the baby. Or fly out to China real quick and watch Raelynn for me if you can. That would help too.

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