Sunday, July 20, 2014

Welcome To The World, Kid!

Remember the food SOMEONE (coughcoughMILcough) made me eat the other night? And how Jeremy promised we'd get some real food before I had the baby? Well, let's just say that THAT crap was the last food I would get to ingest before my little one decided to pop on out. And that Jeremy still owes me a special meal.

But I'm beyond overjoyed to be a mommy to 2 beautiful children now and even more excited to show off my latest princess to the world. There will be a full-blown post about all the stuff you're gagging to know - labor, hospital experience, in-laws (spoiler alert: Raelynn survived their care - THANK GOD!) and more - but you'll just have to wait. I'm, to no one's surprise, quite tired, and am enjoying getting to know my new baby.

I was personally thrilled that the doctors weren't telling me what I wanted to hear when I begged them to tell me about the gender. It was really a girl and I couldn't be happier with that. Just what I wanted!

So here she is! Introducing Seoul Susie Qu, born July 15, 2014, 11am. She weighed in at 3.2 kg and was clocked at 51 cm. We all love her so very much! 

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