Sunday, July 13, 2014

Crazy Chinese Road Construction

Since I've moved to Qingdao, I've been looking forward to the subway system. Which was under construction before we moved. I loved living in Seoul for many reasons and one of the things I loved was just being able to hop the trains around town without a care. When we moved here though, the subway was being advertised with an opening date of 2014.

Well, it's 2014 and guess what's not ready yet? Yup. You guessed it. The subway. Lord knows when they'll finish it now but as they work on it around the city, you can see all the construction popping up everywhere. How my husband drives here with these wackos AND is able to deal with different road blocks and changes on a daily basis is beyond me.

It's of course expected that to build this thing, they need to tear up some of the roads and lay pipes and all kinds of shit down there. But sometimes I swear it's like they break up a road, lay the pipes and concrete, set the road again and then break it once more. On big roads, I especially expect to see this.

But not on our street! They are now digging up our entire street and this is how they do it here. Oh China!
 I'm sorry these are such poor quality. I was trying to snap them quickly as my husband looked for parking. I'm taking these from the back seat as I am 38 weeks pregnant and feel it's safer to sit in the back being this pregnant.

To our left, you'll see a big crappy makeshift blue metal wall. You can see just ahead a small break in the wall where they are tearing up the other side of our small street.

 Here's the break in the wall. Look at the ground! What a mess!

Another view, directly across from our building. We were so lucky there was a spot open to the right. And can you see the van coming right at us from the other direction? Lovely.

As Jeremy parked the car, I snapped this shot of the mess of pipes they're laying down in the ground. It's such a cluster fuck out there. This photo doesn't even do it justice.

I should also mention that when we went to my check-up the other day, the wall was extended even further down the street. Some idiot woman took her son into the street and tried to pass cars along the wall. There is a perfectly good sidewalk on the right. My husband yelled at her for being an idiot. Why in the hell are you getting into the street when there's a sidewalk?!? She looked at us like we were crazy. The stupid is strong in this one. Even my in-laws have more sense than that.

And speaking of construction crap, the people upstairs are just tempting me to come choke them with my bare hands. They finally stopped the "I swear this is the last bit of remodeling for this apartment" crap on Wednesday and all was quiet (except for the destruction of our internet connection) until today. Sunday. 5pm. We're watching TV when suddenly with no warning, we hear a power drill so loud it sounds like it's coming through the ceiling. It scared Raelynn so badly she ran, crying into my arms. Don't scare my kid you fuckwits. The noise stopped after about 5 minutes but I'm just so sick of this kind of construction bullshit both inside my building and outside in the city. To the people upstairs: watch your back.

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