Saturday, January 24, 2015

Dio Fans Unite!

Here's something to tide you all over until I can get a moment to write about our Guangzhou trip.

As we were heading to check in at the Guangzhou airport on our way home, I found this delightful coffee shop. I attempted to explain why this was hilarious to Jeremy but he didn't really get it. He did, however, get that my brother Phillip would absolutely love it so he happily took a photo for me.

If you're a Dio fan, you'll love this as much as Phillip and I did. Enjoy, and if you're in Guangzhou and have some time to kill at the airport, please stop by there and find out why they've named their coffee shop after an old metal band.


  1. Just love Dio. Had ticket for a festival in 2010 where he was supposed to attend howeveer half year prior he got cancer and died in spring :(

  2. Oh no! That's horrible. And I thought it sucked when I was 14 and Iron Maiden was coming. I had tickets and then the show was canceled because Bruce had laryngitis. At least I got a refund. And at least he's still alive. Did you still go to that festival? Who else played?

  3. I still went with my friends. Iron Maiden was there, Motley Crue, Iggy Pop and many more :)

  4. "We're the last in line...for cappuccino!"

    1. Haha! My brother made a "Last in Line" joke as well! =)