Wednesday, October 8, 2014


So here's a quick post to share the grossness that I was subjected to earlier. Because I can't keep this shit to myself. Why should I be the only one to suffer? And yes, I already told Jeremy. In case you were wondering.

My in-laws have been watching Seoul while Raelynn and I are at school. When we get home, I go enjoy my cuddly precious baby by feeding her, talking to her, playing with her, singing, dancing...whatever she's up for until she falls asleep. To help me be able to have this time with my tiny baby before she suddenly poofs into a big girl like my darling Raelynn, MIL cooks...yes, STILL. And my apologies incidentally on not photographically documenting it. I'll try to do that again soon. I'm just exhausted this week as I get used to being back at work and most nights, am busy holding my sweet Seoul while I eat so I can have more time with her. Anyway, MIL also bathes Raelynn for me, which is truly a big help.

I heard Raelynn screaming and some general discussion in Chinese regarding smelling bad. Which I found ironic, considering who was saying it. I finish feeding Seoul and come out to find MIL bathing Raelynn in the bathroom while FIL is in Raelynn's room folding up the dirty clothes she was just wearing and trying to put them back in her closet. EVEN THE UNDERWEAR.

Please let that sink in for just a teensy moment, won't you? MIL is bathing Raelynn and FIL is putting the clothing she was wearing all day - running outside, playing on the playground and getting dirty in pottery class - back into the closet DIRTY. AND he's putting her underwear in there too! Now, I'm all for putting some things back in the closet if they haven't been subjected to the kinds of things a toddler is subject to at school, but never ever ever is it OK in my book to put underwear you've worn all day back without washing it. Or put it back on right after you bathe. DEAR LORD! And these people had the nerve to tell her she was stinky and needed to take a bath. Yes, she needed a bath but I've lost count of how many times I've wanted to tell those 2 they smell like they've been playing with wet dogs. At least we can understand WHY they smell so badly...they wear the same things day in and day out, including their underwear, and do not wash them! And they do not bathe regularly! Gah!

Oh! Oh! And my husband told me something very interesting this evening. We were discussing visa things and he told me that his father told him that he didn't want to come to America to visit us whn we move there. Rude!

I asked why that was and Jeremy said his father likes Qingdao and doesn't want to go anywhere else. Bats in the belfry, man. Now, I don't really want him (or MIL!) to visit, but I'm sure I must allow it at some point once we're settled in over there. MIL wants to visit of course and you know that old cow will try to stay with us FORFUCKINGEVER and I am hoping her tourist visa would not be valid for a long period of time. GOD. Don't let this woman come stay with us. We'll just come back and visit them. Anyway, I'm kind of pissed about what FIL said. Not because I'd miss him but because his only grandchildren will be living in their home country and he won't even go visit them. What a dick. His loss. I have to at least give MIL points for wanting to come. She's never even been on a plane. Ever. In her whole life. That should be interesting trying to explain to her how airports and airplanes work. Or how to get her tourist visa from the embassy when we're ready to entertain her. When that happens, count on me blogging about it. For sure!


  1. The tourist visa for MIL should be only for a few you are safe from a long term stay over.

    I really can't believe how your in-laws act, it is so damn weird. I mean I thought my in-laws are a bit odd but they pale in comparisson to yours. If they would be my in-laws, oh dear lord, I guess I would be in prison for murder already

    1. I hope you are right about the visa but it varies by country. The US *might* offer 6 months on that kind of visa. I pray it is only 3 months though. I seriously doubt she'd come by herself. She has never been on a plane and she would have no idea how to change planes for her connecting flight. It will likely come down to us going back to visit them which will be fine because I'm sure we won't be able to stay too long.

      I used to think it was my in-laws but I think it is ALL mainland Chinese in-laws because I have friends here who are also married to Chinese spouses and they have similar complaints. I should get them to write some guest posts.

  2. When my in-laws visited it wasn't too bad. MIL can't cook, and she knows it. There was no interfering in my kitchen, thank God. They had to change planes in Canada, but my husband arranged for a service to pick them up at one gate and bring them to the next flight. It wasn't that expensive. They stayed about one month. It was kind of like having two extra children! One important thing is make sure they have special health insurance for travelers. Whatever they have in China won't cover them here. If they were to get sick, you and your husband would be responsible for the bill unless they have the insurance.

    1. As it turns out, my husband works in insurance. But my in-laws don't believe in insurance. They refused to get coverage - even if we bought it for them! They didn't want any part of it and wouldn't sign anything. They are soooooooo dumb. If it comes to them visiting, please do tell me how to arrange travelers insurance because I am NOT footing the bill for that old goat. No way. I don't know what she'll eat if/when she visits in the US. She won't try anything I cook unless my husband forces her to. I will not let her cook in my US kitchen, unless she is cooking dumplings WITH us. Seriously, you know what I found today in the cabinet under the stove? I smelled something and couldn't pinpoint where the odor was coming from. It smelled like garbage. I went to make eggs for Jeremy when he returned from playing soccer and when I went into that cabinet to turn on the gas valve, I found a bag full of potatoes, a bag of green beans and an ear of corn! WTF! The green beans were what smelled...they were rotting. The potatoes pissed me right off because I was trying to find those for dinner last night. And I thought maybe I had imagined we'd had a bag of potatoes or that I'd mistaken the extra giant kiwis my husband had bought for potatoes. So I made something else. That dumb cow! I am so annoyed that just one week after going back to work, she's brought this house down to her nasty level and I'm too busy with the baby to clean up all of it. I was so excited when Raelynn first was starting school because my house stayed clean because that old hag wasn't here. Now she's here all day during the week, messing up everything. I cannot wait to move. Send good vibes for our visa situation, please.