Friday, May 16, 2014

"Congraturation" Teacher!

Thankfully, this year's Teacher's Day was so much better than last year's. Instead of feeling grumpy and agitated (which, incidentally, is how I feel much of the time now as I hit 30 weeks of pregnancy and have Fred Flintstone's feet instead of my own), I felt happy, loved and appreciated. And who doesn't love feeling that way?

The disappointing thing is that I only got 2 cards. One wasn't really a card, but more a scrap of paper attached to a small chocolate.
Short and sweet, much like little Roy himself.

The other card came attached to this gift:
We had a small ceremony presented by the Room Mothers who prepared snack for the teachers and students and provided us each with a nice gift. The tag you see is nothing special. But the card!

Koreans ALWAYS buy you cards like this. The kind you'd give to a cute little girl or something. It just makes me even happier for some silly reason. But it's what's inside that counts! Get ready for this card!

This is obviously written by one of the moms. The "Congraturation" is just as obviously my favorite part. But let's not overlook the "I do my best to be a good student" line. I mean, this is supposed to be from all of my students. So which one is it that will be doing their best? Because no one has stepped up to the plate for that honor yet.

Inside the box, I got a gift for the baby. It's sweet, I admit, though I wish the gift had been for ME. Like perfume or something elegant. Then again, we haven't bought anything new for our new baby. My friend Natalie kindly sent us some burp cloths and a cute little pajama set when she sent us a massive package of goodies (thank you again, Natalie. You fucking rule!). But Jeremy and I have yet to go buy something for our soon-to-be arriving wee one. Then again, we DO have gobs of clothes that Raelynn once wore so there's really no need.

So what else did we get? Well, we got flower corsages...

And we got cupcakes!

I mean, how could that NOT make my day?!? I was so happy because you don't often see cupcakes here. Sure, you see cakes. But not CUPcakes. Last year, I was annoyed because they bought a giant cake for my class that the Korean teacher and I wound up serving to the kids instead of being served ourselves. Not only did we have to share our gift with the children but we also had to wait on them. That severely pissed me off. This year, no cake for those little mutants. The Room Mothers brought kids and teachers alike a snack of fruit, cookies and juice. And WE got cupcakes to take home! Booyah!

On top of that, we only had to work a half-day. The school was throwing us a BBQ after we sent the kids home. The BBQs at school are always such fun. Except when you're pregnant. Not as much fun. The chairman always gets a keg or two of beer and they grill gobs and gobs of skewers of meat. Lunch Lady Bitchface always serves up what was served for lunch too, which is not the greatest fare, so most of us stick to the meat on sticks. This time, it was also less fun for me because Raelynn was with me. I love the kid to pieces and even though other people were looking out for her, I wanted to keep my own eyes on her.

But we got to leave early and we were gifted a box of fresh cherries which I was just ho-hum about since we already had 2 boxes of the suckers in our fridge. Then the chairman gave us all a cash bonus. Not a big one but still, enough to make us all feel appreciated. And THAT is what Teacher's Day is supposed to be about.

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