Saturday, May 10, 2014

Random Yuck

Another Saturday, another yuck discovered in my kitchen. Missed my previous posts on the various yucky items MIL has left for us in our kitchen? Then just click here for the last one. It links to all the prior yucks, for your convenience.

I was cleaning and found where my in-laws, or perhaps even my own husband, had stashed the doors to the 2 small over-the-door cabinets that the repair guy had dismantled to redo the pipes. They were on the side of the refrigerator next to the window. So I went to move them more into the crevice there and that's when I discovered this random yuck...
 My husband occasionally sticks boxes back here. They're good for bulk trash. But what they AREN'T good for is stashing pieces of green onion.

 Who wants me to cook for them using old, dried up green onions? Not you? Yeah, not me either. Especially considering we have some in the refrigerator where they belong that I'd rather use to cook for you, me or anyone else who comes through here.

This is why I try not to eat much of what she cooks. See, in winter, she can get away with leaving this kinds of things out, even though I think it's slovenly and disgusting and don't at all want my kitchen kept that way. But you can't salvage this. For someone who complains about wasting food, you'd think she'd be more careful to store food properly. As you can see, it's molding. I threw it away but I should have bagged it up and saved it for her to take home. Waste not, want not! Thanks again for yucking up my kitchen, MIL!

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