Sunday, May 18, 2014

Grandma Of The Year

If you thought MIL was going to win this prestigious title, think again. Because even though it is dripping in my usual sarcasm, MIL got ousted for being the most negligent Chinese grandmother. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!

While we waited at a traffic light today, we spotted this model citizen taking her grandson for a walk on one of those ever-popular crappy Chinese tricycles. I apologize that the photo is not as close-up as I would like but she was really hauling ass.
Look past the Chevy and in the street where traffic going the opposite way would head. And there's our winning grandma! Check out the perfectly functional sidewalk (in use!) to her right. Oh but no! She has to live on the edge and push her grandchild on the tricycle IN THE STREET. Because! Because this is China and people here do the most incredibly unsafe things. Like not looking before they cross a street.

My husband was the one who spotted her first. He was trying to get a photo with his camera phone. I might make fun of my in-laws a lot but I can tell you that as dumb as they are, they are not THIS dumb.

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