Monday, May 5, 2014

The Sink Saga Continues

Well, I thought yesterday's sink situation sucked. That is until we woke up this morning...
Yup. That's about 1 inch of water covering our kitchen floor. Just in time for Cinco de Mayo. Honey, heat up the grill and I'll make the margaritas! Oh, what's that? You don't WANT a swimming pool in the kitchen? Ok, well then call that repair guy again.

Supposedly, it is the hot water heater under the sink that is to blame. A new one will come tomorrow. My in-laws thought to one-up us and buy us a new water heater for the shower as well. It's kind of them but I do not want them doing this. You know why. Because they will use it as collateral for everyfuckingthing. They will butt into every aspect of our lives even more than they already do. Take right now for example. I have an old goat-faced zombie lurking around my kitchen again. She just showed up while I was about to make dinner and told me she's come to make wontons for Raelynn. GET OUT. She asked if I wanted them. No. Thank you. I'm already sick of your wontons. You make them ALL. THE. TIME. I do NOT want to eat the same food every day. I am not a dog. I have completely lost my appetite. Too bad the swimming pool is gone now...I want to push her into the deep end.

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