Monday, March 31, 2014

3 Years And Counting!

This is just a short post to say thank you to all my readers, whether I know you personally or not, for clicking, sharing and loving my blog. Today marks 3 years of bloggity goodness for me, and on such a special date as well. I started this blog on March 31, 2011, just a few weeks before my precious Raelynn was born. But March 31st has always been a date that's very special to me. It was my mom's birthday. I sadly lost her when I was 9 years old and although my father remarried, to an amazing woman who I also call Mom, I still miss my Mom every single day.

 Mom with my big brother Phillip long before I was born.

But March 31st is a day to celebrate because if not for Mom, I wouldn't be here. She was an amazing and talented woman. I feel like she's always around though, watching me laugh and smile with my daughter and sharing in the love.

In celebration of my blog turning 3 and in remembrance of one of the most wonderful people that touched this earth, check out some of my most popular posts ever:
All The Things I Miss About America
A post where I list all the things I miss back home. Much of it food. Speaking of food, if USPS and China Post could get off their asses and deliver my package of Girl Scout Cookies from my friend Natalie, I'd be most grateful. Come on now, before my fucking Thin Mints melt! Gah!

If you ever wanted to know how Raelynn came into the world, check it out. Don't worry...there's no gross descriptions of birthing going on here. Or any photos showing the delivery. Only cute baby pictures, and who doesn't love those?

I Hate You , August!
My thoughts on exactly why I fucking hate the 8th month of the year with a passion.

Guo Nian Hao! (Wishes For A Good Year)
My Chinese New Year post for the year of the horse, 2014.

Oh Baby! It's A...
In this post, I reveal the gender of Baby Qu #2. Which is most likely a...

The Many Faces Of Raelynn
One month after Raelynn was born, I wrote this post all about her. It's still one of my absolute favorite posts of all time.

Diaper Fail
Don't miss the story of how my husband tried to cheap out on diapers when Raelynn was a tiny little infant.

Seeing Is Believing
Featuring the oddball things one could only see in China!

Thanks again for reading my blog, and a big thanks to these countries who are in my top stats:
USA (thank you, everyone back home!!!!), United Kingdom, Russia, Germany, South Korea, Australia, Canada, France, Latvia and Mexico. And a big thanks to all the other countries who click on here a lot but didn't make it into the top 10. You all rock!

Mom and me ages ago. This picture makes me think of Raelynn and me.

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