Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Many Faces Of Raelynn

In honor of it being one month since my adorable Raelynn was born, today's post is all about her. And the (mostly) cute faces she makes. Some aren't so cute though. Let's take a look, shall we?

Problem Face

My husband aptly named this "Problem Face." It's so fitting too since all babies can do is cry when they need our help, or when they have a problem. Here is another shot...

As you may have guessed, though funny-looking, "Problem Face" is our least favorite of Raelynn's faces. Even though sometimes the problem is that she just wants to be held, which is an easy and nice problem to solve. Least favorite should be obvious...the horribly, disgustingly messed diaper, especially at 4am.

Sleepy Yawn Face

When it starts, it looks an awful lot like "Problem Face." But this one has a happy ending. One that involves sleep for her, and if we're lucky, sleep for us too. Yay! Sleep!

Sleeping Beauty
This is truly a great face. Because when she's moved on from "Sleepy Yawn Face" to "Sleeping Beauty..."

...I am finally able to take a break and get some much-needed rest.

Bath-Time Trauma Face

I was inclined to put this one into the "Problem Face" category but it's a bit different. For one, we KNOW what the problem is. She hates bath time. Maybe it's getting wet. Or perhaps the air feels cold to her. Or she doesn't like our stupid bath time songs. But this one wins its own category because of the deafening screams you lucky readers cannot hear while Xiaolong and I bathe her. She screams so loudly during her baths that if we were in America, I'd expect Child Protective Services to pay us a visit. But since we're in China, no one cares.

Post Bath-Time Trauma Face

This is the face she makes after we've dried her, dressed her and bundled her up after her bath trauma. She gets all quiet and sad-faced. But it never stays that way for long. Mommy feeds her right after, and that is her favorite activity.

Getting Happy Face
Here is a face that we breathe a sigh of relief upon seeing. She's getting happy about something. Is it Mommy? Daddy? It's probably not Grandma but hey, whatever it is that's turning her frown upside down, we'll take it. We love when our little baby is happy.

Happy Face!
This is our favorite face of all. She's happy and all we want in life is for Raelynn to be happy.

The Fart Side-Eye
Just like her father, she lets one rip. Then she looks away, over to you as if to say, "Wasn't me. Maybe it" Yeah, nice try kid!

The Thinker. Or Rather...The Pooper.
Here she is contemplating taking yet another dump. "Hmm...should I just go poop? Orrrrr...should I poop it out one of the leg holes so Mommy has to scrub my clothes, blanket and change all the sheets on the bed AGAIN? Bwahahahahaha!"

Got Milk? Face
Just like the family dog knows who feeds it, Raelynn knows who has the magic milk boobs.

Milk Coma Face
When our baby is nice and full, she's in a milk coma. And we love when she's nice and full. Not only just because we know she's getting all her nutrients but also because this means quiet time for us.

Peek-A-Boo Face
Just when we think she can't be any cuter, alas. We have the "Peek-A-Boo Face." Look at those big eyes! Love her!

Burp Face
When Raelynn gets gas, she's the kind of baby that gets hugely upset about it. We've learned to recognize the signs of her tummy troubles though and make sure we burp her often. Of course, we're more amused when it comes out the other end, as long as no diaper mess ensues.

Confusey Face
Maybe she's confused as to where her right arm is (it's not even in the sleeve!) or perhaps she's wondering why, if Grandma loves her so much, she'd buy this (ugly) oversized onesie for her. Since she pooped on everything else and all the clothes that fit were drying, we were stuck putting her in this number. And thus, confusion about where her hands and arms went began.

Entertained Face
This is another happy-type face that we love. Raelynn is entertained, likely looking over at her daddy who loves to make her smile.

I Love Daddy Face
I love this one because I can see how much she loves her Daddy. Being a Daddy's Girl myself, I know how important it is for little girls to adore their fathers. This makes my heart melt.

I'm Cute And I Know It Face
She knows she's hot shit, doesn't she? Yep, just like Mommy!

Curious Face
As she's getting bigger, it's been so much fun watching her grow and become more alert. She seems to be checking everything out now. Just like the little monkeys on her onesie, she is a curious little thing. I'm sure I won't be pleased about this inquisitiveness when she can crawl and walk, will I?

Pouty Face
Because all good things come to an end sooner or later, I'll end this with "Pouty Face" because I'm sure you're all sad this is the last face. But get your happy faces ready because I will write more funness for you to read very soon. Pray for lots of "Sleeping Beauty" faces so I can write in peace.


  1. Great pics and descriptions! I'm sure you had a great time writing about each and every unique Raelynn face. Keep it going at least once a month; it will become the best Baby Book a child could wish for! Love you...

  2. Wonderful art and copy.
    I love your work (many definitions).