Monday, March 3, 2014

Raelynn's 1st Official Day Of School

Today was the big day. It was the official start of school for Raelynn. I say "official" because she went with me last week during teacher workdays. I wasn't planning on that, but my in-laws, as you well know from reading my blog, are quite dim bulbs. And despite being told that we needed them to watch her on Wednesday and Thursday, they didn't comprehend this. They watched her on Wednesday, but on Thursday? Those two dinglebrains were out at their hillbilly mountain house in the sticks, which they call Laoshan Mountain. If you're not familiar with this area, that basically means they went to their weird dirt-road village-esque home in the mountains, about an hour and a half by bus from our home.

It worked out for the best though since she got to become acquainted with her surroundings. And the potty. I was so worried she wouldn't go there, but she's now a potty-pro. Way to go, Raelynn!

On Friday, I realized something important. That doing my job AND watching Raelynn simultaneously were exhausting. I was looking forward to today, Monday. Sort of. My maximum class size is supposed to be 20, but some important guy wanted to send his son to our school. And naturally, this kid HAD TO be in my age group. So they broke the maximum capacity rule to put this kid into my class.

To say I was pissed off was a huge understatement. But it quickly resolved itself as one of the other students cancelled and so now, I am left with my actual maximum capacity of 20. Twenty 7-year-old children who I successfully spooked into silence with my rules. Let's hope these kids behave themselves the rest of the days of the year though. I guess I should be grateful I don't teach at a Chinese school where I could have 50 children in my class. GOD. Talk about suckage!

Finding that out was a huge relief. As was watching Raelynn happily cavort with the other children. She cried and whined a few times and was a tad naughty, but Teacher Kelly said she was mostly a good girl.

So now, without further ado, I present photos of my princess on her first official day of school...
 Upon being let loose into her classroom, Raelynn predictably gravitated toward the awesome toy kitchen.
 Here's some other children in her classroom playing.

 She was SO happy to be out on the playground after lunch. I heard she'd escaped the classroom in attempt to sneak out there. Nice try, kid.
Gah! She's so cute!
 She had fun peeking out at me through this little tunnel.
 More slide fun!
 And finally, the cutest photo ever of, quite possibly, the cutest child ever. It made my day less stressful to see her and watch her be happy when I was rushing about between my classes. It's also a huge relief that she's not with my in-laws all day every day. A few times a week, they will come by after school to see her, which is just fine by me. Today, they took  her to the yogurt place by our house while I came home and enjoyed the silence. Jeremy explained to them that they aren't to come every day though so I hope they will abide by that or else you'll be seeing a whole slew of blog posts about how crazy I am going. Dear Lord, no!

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