Thursday, December 26, 2013

Nasty Troll Slippers (Updated!)

And now that the cat is out of the bag, I can finally bitch with a clear conscience, knowing that I'm not giving away special news before the immediate family gets to find out via Skype. Now, we can get back to my usually bitchery that you all know and love so much. And with that, I present to you these nasty troll slippers...
These WERE nice slippers from some fancy hotel somewhere. My mom had rounded up a ton of these kinds of slippers from their travels and gave them to us for use. Because she gave us so many of them, we gave MIL a pair of them to wear when she's here. This is how they look now. I should add that none of the other slippers have wound up this grungy. Just the ones she wears.

How in the world does she get them so filthy? She wears socks while she's wearing them and they STILL get dirty inside! MY GOD! Does she just not wash her feet? She actually put these things in our laundry basket for me to wash. The one thing that woman doesn't wash herself! She'll wash one pair of Raelynn's socks by hand but she won't wash her own nasty slippers. Yeah, right on top of that one, Trollzilla. I'll have Hazmat swing by and pick them up when they come check out the insane air pollution over here.

I just wanted to add some photos of Raelynn's little slippers so you can see as a comparison to MIL's slippers. It truly adds to the mystery. How can my kid who makes a mess of everything have cleaner slippers? Does MIL walk out into the filthy stairway outside our door with them? I just have no idea. Check out Raelynn's slippers...

One with flash and the other without:

See?!? How in the world does MIL make everything so encrusted with disgustingness??? Raelynn apparently wonders the same thing...

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