Monday, April 14, 2014

The Yuck Strikes Back!

I was planning on writing this post over the weekend, because on Saturday, I discovered the latest yuck in my series on all things yuck. If you missed the originals, please see Yuck of the Day, Return of the Yuck, and Revenge of the Yuck. Why did I withhold this late-breaking (not really) news? Well, on Saturday, I found the latest yuck while giving the house a thorough cleaning. Something I can no longer do after school because I'm too tired and pregnant. Unfortunately, I also came down with a sore throat AND a code 10 migraine (which lasted all through Monday, incidentally) but have no fear, I am finally on the mend.

So whilst cleaning on Saturday, I discovered MIL had again put some green, leafy vegetables between the window ledge and the refrigerator in our kitchen. Just like Revenge of the Yuck. Oh MIL! COME ON! Use the fucking refrigerator!

Check it out. My apologies for the shiteousness of these photos but it's not my usual incapability to take decent photos of abstract items this time. It's because there are GNATS buzzing around this. I took these 2 photos of this yuck and promptly took out the garbage. YUCK!

A quick but craptastic shot of what's inside is all you need to feel my pain. It's Spring now so vegetables go much more quickly when you leave them out. Or hide them on the floor under a box next to the refrigerator and the kitchen know, whatever floats your boat. This was cilantro, incidentally. In Winter, I am less bothered by leaving things like this out because it is so cold and our kitchen stays like an ice box. Flies don't come around then. But I am opposed, in every season, to sticking any kind of vegetable, root or leafy, on the side of the refrigerator, on the floor no less, so that it spoils because no one but an ancient troll who comes over a few times a week is aware that it is there. I better start putting Jeremy on vegetable patrol or else I predict MIL will stash something there that will draw every bug within 1,000 miles to come visit our kitchen. Urgh...I sure hope I'm wrong!

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