Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Yuck Of The Day

This evening, I was rummaging around in one of our cabinets for a plastic container. Imagine my surprise when I found this in there behind the container I'd selected...
The top juice glass in the stack has a brown liquid in it. I immediately hollered for my husband. I make him take a sniff. After all, it's HIS stupid parents that did this. But there's no smell. We suspect it was tea. Why put an almost-empty glass of tea back into a cabinet with clean, dry dishes and plastic containers? Perhaps this is another mystery that will never be solved. Lord only knows what goes through MIL and FIL's heads, besides dust and cobwebs. It just boggles my mind completely. I mean, you have a glass of tea (or so we hope) and you aren't finished with it. Instead of just chugging down the rest of it, or leaving it on the counter, or even washing it out and putting it on the dish drying rack, you hide it behind clean dishware in the back of a cabinet. I'm not even sure if they created this curious thing today or if it's from earlier in the week, actually. Which is even more alarming though it's not every day I'm fumbling around that awkward cabinet for tupperware.

Here's a photo of the mystery liquid that we suspect to be tea after I moved the glass onto the counter to get a better shot, before it met its' fate with soap and a rag in the sink...
See how little liquid is in there? Why would you even save that? What would possess somebody to do that? I think this is the most perplexing in-law incident to date, and that says a lot because there are so many of them. Unless...unless it's another piece of abstract art. But it was hidden and not on display. Maybe they weren't ready to have an exhibition yet. Who knows with these 2 trolls?!? In any event, this has been your yuck of the day!

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