Friday, April 25, 2014

Do You Feel Like Chicken Tonight?

After today, I may very well never feel like chicken tonight, tomorrow or any day in the foreseeable future. I am scarred for life after being greeted by this image at 7:30am...
Why, yes, they are bags of whole, dead chickens with their freakish feet poking out. Chinese people find this totally normal. I, however, have still not adjusted to something like this. Chinese people also LOVE eating the feet. I. Just. Can't. I can't. And I'm an adventurous eater but there is something so bile-inducing about being presented with chicken feet.

These were dropped off at the school sometime prior to our arrival this morning. I had forgotten my camera but my friend and fellow kindergarten teacher, Jon, helped me out by snapping these photos. Not pictured: the gaggle of high school students that stopped to gawk in disgust at these as well. See? I'm not the only one that finds unprepared chickens frightfully horrendous. Also, the thought that today's lunch could be sitting out unrefrigerated for a while (and perhaps was already sitting out long before we all came along) AND on the dirty floors of the lobby of the school made me completely gag. 
Yum or yuck? For me, it's a big yuck. So much so that I bought kimbap from the school store so I would have something to eat.

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