Friday, June 7, 2013

Return Of The Yuck

At the end of March, I posted about something horrible and yucky my in-laws put into one of our kitchen cabinets. You can check it out here, and if you don't have time to read the post (which isn't actually very long) you should at least take a gander at the accompanying photos. Well, today, the yuck has returned! Only, it's not in liquid form this time.

And for that, I'm a bit grateful because the last yuck I found we still weren't really sure what it was. We mostly suspect it to have been tea and for our sanity, we choose to believe it. Today, before I started dinner, I was unloading our dish rack which was looking a lot like this, actually...
Do you see the small, white bowl? Well, there happened to be one just like that on the rack today. And I went to put it back in the dish cabinet on top of the stack of other small, white bowls just like it.

Only something was wrong. I saw something strange in the top bowl so I pulled it out and put it on the counter. That's when I noticed there was something inside the bowl underneath that one too...

This substance is more easily identifiable than the original yuck. It's dirt. You know the culprit, don't you? MIL! Naturally. This is no mystery. Neither is the fact that it's dirt. Where the dirt came from though...that is certainly more mystifying. I am going to venture a guess that the old troll used these bowls to put some vegetables fresh from the market...spinach perhaps. Maybe she set them in there so as not to make a mess on the counters? No...that's too organized for her. Now I'm stumped. Here's a closer look at the dirt in the first bowl:
It's a good thing I look before I use any of our dishes. I'd hate for this to wind up in my food. Or Raelynn's food. Jeremy claims I'm over-reacting about this so I wonder how he'll react when I toss it in his breakfast for him in the morning. I think he'll change his mind quite fast, don't you?

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