Tuesday, April 15, 2014

MIL Gets A Gold Star!

I hope you are sitting as you read this. If not, find a chair because you will totally fall on your ass when you see this. Look what MIL bought for Raelynn:
 She bought these 3 tank tops. In the right size. Without any stupid crap on them. Just 3 tank tops, in 3 attractive colors. I KNOW. How did this happen? Was it a fluke? Did someone help her? Did she FINALLY listen to what I've been telling her about matching things and not buying clothes with ugly pictures on them and/or nonsensical English?

She also bought this pink-striped racer-back. I'm amazed. I was so proud of her, I clapped. I CLAPPED. Hey, I want to reinforce this good shopping behavior, lest she revert to her old ways...like this, for example.

So what do you think...is MIL turning over a new fashion leaf? Or is this just a stroke of dumb luck on her part? The suspense is killing me!

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