Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Save My Weekend, Please!

I love my sweet husband. Very much. Except when he snores. But he knows this. There is very little I hate more than the sound of snoring when I am trying to sleep. Even when I'm wearing earplugs I can hear him! But you know what just sucks? That stupid World Cup is starting this weekend. GAH!

My husband played soccer in college. He plays on a team now, just for fun. Remember when he hurt his foot? Yeah. He fucking loves soccer. But, try as I might, I find it heinously boring. Unless I'm drunk. Oh alcohol, I miss you. You've been making boring sports less sucktacular for thousands of years. Now I'm going to be subjected to intermittent whoops and shouts, some that may occur while Raelynn and I are sleeping, and I won't even be able to drink to make it more bearable. The last time that damn World Cup was on was when we were in Seoul and it was so much more fun because we went out drinking with friends. Now I'm trapped in China and over 8 months pregnant. Sigh.

And I can't even complain because it's Father's Day this weekend and I should let my husband be happy. Stupid boring World Cup. Why can't you be more like American football? Urgh...

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