Friday, June 27, 2014

A Real Pregnant Pause: Enter Maternity Leave!

Today was my last day of school for the semester. School actually ends on July 9th but because I'm officially into my 9th month of pregnancy, it is time for me to rest up before the baby arrives. I'm so happy to have 3 months off but I'll miss the daily buzz that comes with work. I'll even miss some of my students though I do not have to miss The Chihuahua. He's been absent all week and we have been told will probably not be coming back next semester. I know it's going to sound mean but YAY! Teaching class without him constantly causing disturbances has been so wonderful this whole week, for the other students as well as for me.

This morning as I settled in to finish my last schedule and newsletter, I was suddenly surprised by my coworkers with a cute little baby shower. Being as hormonal as I am, it brought tears to my eyes. I never had an actual baby shower when I was pregnant with Raelynn though my parents and my brother and his wife gave me gobs of gifts when I was 6 months pregnant with her. They truly thought of everything. I never had a baby shower in China for Raelynn because at the time, we'd just moved here and we had no friends yet. And now with this baby, it seemed silly to have a shower, since we have pretty much everything we need. Lots of hand-me-downs for this kid plus a few random new things.

And now here they were, busting out a cake and a big box full of lovely gifts from each of them. My buddy and work-brother, Jon, was kind enough to take these photos with his iPhone.

It was all very sweet. They sang "Happy Baby To You" while I tried not to laugh into the cake.

Here's a look at all the awesome stuff they packed into the gift box...

 Teacher Monica went to Beijing last weekend and hit up the IKEA. You can never have enough Kladd Smultron, I always say. I mean bibs. Kladd Smultron sounds like a name I'd have made up for a robot. Cute bibs though!

 A mobile, which is really sweet because this was one thing we never did get when we had Raelynn.

 Ah, now I don't have to worry about the girls fighting over spoons. Raelynn is SO territorial about her spoons now so this puts my mind at ease.

 It's one of those little cozy baby sleep sack thingies. MIL had bought one for Raelynn way back when but this one is much cuter.

My buddy Jon and his wife gave me these adorable onesies in various sizes. Adorable!

 I love that this says "Baby Plus" on it. Baby plus what, exactly? Or do you mean this is an extra baby? Baby Engrish. Bonus!

One Chinese teacher gave me this wonderful bag of assorted rattles. If you've ever had children, you know the more rattles, the merrier. This is a welcome addition to our current rattle stash.

 The other Chinese teacher gave us this cute set of little instruments. We had something similar for Raelynn which she destroyed in due time since, you know, it's all made in China. But this one seems a better quality. Still, we'll have to tuck this one away so Raelynn doesn't break it before her little sister gets to enjoy it.

And finally, a little sippy cup from IKEA. Another thing that Raelynn would have gotten territorial about if the baby didn't have one of her own...even though Raelynn is wayyyyyyyyyyyy past using sippy cups.

This sweet little surprise was a fabulous way to kick off my last day at school. I'll miss everyone but I'm sure 3 months will fly on by. I hope with it, the baby weight flies off too. Happy Maternity Leave to me!

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