Tuesday, June 3, 2014

How Rude!

Our 3-day weekend began with the ending of our Sports Day/Economic Fair event which my students' parents were all invited to attend. Because the parents were all around, I didn't have to look after my students. I only had to look after my child.

It was a particularly hot day so after checking out the lame selection at the booths, Raelynn and I stayed in the A/C. She wanted to play in her classroom so I sat there with her, laughing, playing and just enjoying her cuteness until it was time to get on the buses to go home. Many of the other moms left early with their children, as was there right. And some waited for the buses to ride home with their kids.

Before it was time to leave, I made sure Raelynn picked up all the toys she'd been playing with. I helped her put them away so that her teacher wouldn't be left with a giant mess. So imagine my surprise when I come in to work today after our 3-day weekend to find my classroom to be a big mess. There are toys out on the mat. Not a huge pile of blocks or anything but just little odds and ends. Someone obviously did a half-assed job of cleaning up in there. The bookcases were a disaster too. I was absolutely appalled that the parents would think nothing of letting their kids play and read and then leaving a mess for me and Christina to clean up. Seriously? How fucking rude! I'm 8 months pregnant and I picked up toys WITH my kid. What the heck is wrong with you people?!? Christina was disappointed as well. She had no idea the room had been left a mess when we went home on Friday.

These parents should be ashamed of themselves. I now understand exactly why this batch of students is my worst group ever. Their parents don't care enough to teach them how to behave properly or to study English. I'm a teacher, not a miracle worker. My students in all previous years were never like this. Then again, when their parents came to the school for an event, they picked up after themselves and their children.

Coming up this Friday, we'll be having our English Village event and the parents will again come to participate with their children. Christina had asked me if I could go over the dialogues we sent home for practice with the students. I was a little annoyed since I never had to do that in all the 3 years we've been hosting this event. We always sent these things home and the parents were always responsible for helping their kids understand. But not this group. I asked my kids who had been practicing and only 7 out of 20 raised their hands. It truly explains so much about this group.

The children are not our future. Not this classroom of them at any rate.

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