Monday, February 17, 2014

MIL Confuses Pea Coat With Pee Coat

Oh MIL! You had to break the streak with a bang, now didn't you?

I'm happy to report that MIL is feeling better. So much better that she did a little shopping. Sigh. When will she learn to leave the fashion up to me?

Today, I'd gone out for a couple hours to meet at Redstar magazine to discuss articles for the upcoming issue. I'm excited to be doing some freelance for them and build my portfolio while abroad. So I had my in-laws come and watch Raelynn. Since we hadn't seen MIL in a while, Jeremy had suggested we have dinner with them and I agreed to it just to get it out of the way. It turned out to be a blessing since I had THE worst migraine come on and I totally didn't feel like cooking when I got home.

My FIL, the hero, went for a walk while MIL cooked. He stopped by their house and brought a bag that MIL was so excited to show us. What was inside?

This. THIS! This drab, yellow Stay Puft peed-on marshmallow coat. She must have mistaken a pea coat for this pee coat. Raelynn didn't like it either. She screamed when MIL put it on her and said, "No! Don't like!" Good girl! Perhaps in another color it wouldn't be so atrocious. It just looks like something an ugly boy would wear. Also, it's hard to tell from the photo but this coat is enormous. I've no idea why she bought her a new coat that is 5 sizes too large when winter will soon be over.

Incidentally, Raelynn has a purple coat that she loves. That still fits her just fine, I might add.

But that's MIL for you. Always buying something ugly and useless. If there were a show where contestants had to find these kinds of things, MIL would win. Hands down.

Let's get up close and look at the pattern of cracked out rabbits, shall we? I wish it made me think more of Rabbids Invasion but, sadly, it does not. I just think of pee. With rabbits.

Thankfully, MIL left the tags on it so we can exchange it. So she's FINALLY learning that if we don't like something, we shove it into the vortex of ugly clothing, never to be seen again. We told her we'd like to get it in a slightly smaller size and a different color, perhaps a color Raelynn actually likes, like pink, purple or red.

By the way, do you see the price on this thing? 769 rmb. For a child's coat. My husband says they got it discounted at 400 rmb but still! We bought Raelynn's purple coat on sale for 200 rmb. My coat that I bought nearly 3 years ago was 500 rmb. Honey, time to buy your sweet wifey a new coat please! Just make sure it is more like a pea coat. Not a pee coat.

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