Saturday, February 1, 2014

A New Year's Surprise From MIL

Since my husband rushed us out of the house so quickly yesterday morning in order to visit the other relatives, I barely had a chance to eat any breakfast. And by breakfast, I mean the handful of Lay's Sour Cream and Onion chips I quickly gobbled up. Hey, that's better than nothing. If I'd gotten enough sleep the night before, perhaps I would have risen earlier and been able to make us all eggs.

Our day was so busy and if you read that last post, you know I was forced to eat lunch at my in-laws' stinky-stanky home. For dinner, we just heated up the leftovers from the big Chinese New Year dinner. So I didn't discover MIL's secret surprise for us until this morning.

A dirty, unwashed and greasy frying pan!

Unfortunately, this image I found off a Google search will have to do to illustrate it because I was just so aggravated and hungry that I didn't give a fuck (or 2 fucks, or even 3) about taking a photo. She put our frying pan away with grease and grime all over it still. She hung it where we usually hang our spatulas and other often-used cooking utensils. I also discovered a trail of greasy oil running down from where the pan had been hanging. Oh thank you, MIL! How sanitary!

Tonight, we feasted on barbecued pork, au gratin potatoes and baked beans. Because tomorrow, we'll be subjected to MIL's cooking AGAIN. I don't recall being tortured this many times during the holiday last year. Will she make her good dishes? Or will she make the kind of vomitous barf that she makes on every other day? Will she leave me more greasy goodness? Stay know I'll be documenting this.

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