Sunday, February 9, 2014

It's Oh So Quiet

"It's Oh So Quiet" by Bjork.

It's been quiet around here. Too quiet. So quiet, I almost half expect Bjork to come bursting through the windows singing this little ditty in some weird snuggie-like creation. Oh Bjork, never change.

Seriously though, my in-laws have not come by. Since the last time we've seen them! It's a new record. The last time we went this long without seeing them was when we were in Shanghai getting Raelynn's US passport. Ok, so that was a longer duration. But still! It's been bliss.

We haven't seen them since the 1st of February. That's when I wrote this post. And now, it's a whole 9 days later. We were supposed to be tortured with MIL's cooking the following day. I was preparing myself to endure eating things I didn't want to eat. Somehow, my prayers to be spared from the torture were granted. They went to their house out by Laoshan Mountain and my husband said we'd have dinner with them when they came back into the city.

Earlier this week, we actually saw MIL crossing the street while we were in the car. We were on our way to get orange juice which I'd begun craving (and promptly upon receiving, guzzled down 2 juice boxes of it without stopping). Jeremy suggested we should eat lunch with them but I requested we not do so because 1) he wanted us to drive over to their home and you know how I feel about that place (if not, just read through this blog) and 2) it was Jeremy's last day off for the Chinese New Year. I suggested we plan another time for a dinner.

He called them later and asked them to have dinner on Saturday. But they, get this, were actually busy! Good for them! Then tonight, while I was drying Raelynn's hair after her bath, our phone rang. I'm quite sure it was them. No one else calls our home phone. I asked Jeremy about it but he didn't tell me anything, which is odd considering if we were forced to do something with them, he'd mention it.

So how long will my in-law-free-streak continue? Well, that remains to be seen. It's a lovely early Valentine's Day gift not having to endure their company at least. Oh. GOD. Please don't let them show up on Valentine's Day. PLEASE! I'm dreaming about steak, steamed crab, chocolate cakes and candies. Not HER cooking. I think Jeremy knows I'd claw his eyes out if he let that happen. Honey, you DO know that, right? Any day but Valentine's Day, PLEASE!

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