Sunday, February 23, 2014

The Exchange Has Been Made!

Last week, my in-laws came over for dinner. And when they did, MIL presented us with a urine-colored coat for Raelynn. Despite its' hideousness, I had to applaud MIL for leaving the tags on so we could exchange it for something else.

Which is EXACTLY what we did yesterday.

We went on a shopping trip of epic proportions. It made me wish I didn't have an ever-expanding pregnant belly or I would have wanted in on that action too. Instead, I lived vicariously through my precious Raelynn as we went back-to-school shopping. I'll show you the replacement coat shortly. But first my friends, please check out these amazing clothes we found in the women's and babies store out in Taidong...

We found all of these items at one shop inside this big store. The shopkeeper was totally awesome. We were initially drawn in because in the front of the store, there was a bin with shirts and bottoms and she'd marked it as everything in the bin was 15 yuan. That's INSANELY cheap. The blue shirt here was not in the bin though but that's okay...she gave us an amazing discount on that too. Look how freaking cute this all is!

 When Raelynn saw this Dora shirt, she went bonkers and wouldn't let go. It was 15 yuan plus it came with these adorable shorts. Yes way!

 Seeing how fond our daughter was of Dora, the sales woman handed us this other adorable set.

I picked this shirt for Raelynn because I wished I could fit into it. And I thought it was darling. She agreed it was pretty cool too. Good girl!

This skirt came from the 15 yuan bin. But the shirt? It was originally 169 yuan at Annil, which is where the ugly coat came from. We found a better coat to exchange that barfy one with and because the coat we picked out was cheaper, we could pick out a couple other things. So we said hello to this precious little shirt. Keep scrolling down to see the new coat though...

Next, another 15 yuan skirt. I should also mention that Jeremy picked out all the skirts you've seen in the post for his daughter. That might make you go "awwwww" as he did quite well picking these out. But you should have seen some of the crap he held up at the stores before we found these things. "How about this?" he'd ask in all seriousness about a very vomitous-looking obviously male-fashioned shirt. Oh well. At least he's learning.

This is another Annil shirt we got when we exchanged the coat. Wait until you see the coat we got too! Keep scrolling!

We also bought this Minnie Mouse t-shirt which Raelynn demanded to wear today. She refused to pose for a good photo though. Already a diva. Oh, and check out the bow in her hair. We bought her a bunch of new hair accessories including this one.

Check out Raelynn's new kicks! She picked these out herself. She loved them so much she wanted to wear them out of the store. The little bunny on the side will definitely match the one on her new exchanged coat too! Drum roll please!

Ta da! Here is the coat we exchanged the other one for. Why couldn't MIL have picked this one in the first place? They had some other ugly coats but there were quite a few that were cute like this. Annil is a Chinese brand but I was actually surprised by the quality and style of it. You usually find the kinds of things I've blogged about before that MIL will come trotting over with as if she's some style queen. How she came to find this little place inside the upscale mall in Taidong, I will never know. What was she doing there in the first place? When you walk into the bottom level of this mall, it is filled with make-up and beauty kiosks from all the high-end brands. L'Occitane. Lancome. Misha. If you can think of a brand, it's in there. Everything is. The ascending layers of the mall are filled with expensive clothes. It blows my mind that she would even enter a place like this, let alone BUY something from there.

Here is a close-up of the Annil jacket, with just one lone rabbit from the company's trademark. This is SO much better than the coat MIL picked out. I want it in my size, dammit! Maybe sans rabbit though.

The woman at the Annil counter was so kind and helpful too. I was absolutely shocked. Normally, you get shitty service everywhere you go in China. It was so nice to have someone who actually cared about helping us exchange the item for something more suitable. I almost felt like I was back in Seoul shopping with all the lovely sales girls there, ready to help with anything. Almost.

Now that all this shopping is done, Raelynn is ready for school, and pretty much anything with a wardrobe like that. Can this new baby PLEASE be a girl so we can use these awesome clothes again? I sure hope so. We hope we can find that out soon so stay tuned because as soon as I know, I'll be announcing it to the world.

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