Tuesday, February 24, 2015


It was my first day back at work after a 2-month paid vacation. Thankfully this week, we don't have any students or classes as the school has gone through a massive remodeling project. So even though we must spend the rest of the week cleaning and redecorating our classrooms and all that jazz, we don't have to be at work until 10am.

Jeremy doesn't have to be back at work yet because his company is still on holiday (many of them are) so he offered to drive me. We were enjoying breakfast as a family when MIL arrived just before 9am.

She sees what we're eating - eggs, toast with butter and jelly, and cereal with milk. We also had strawberry yogurt. Raelynn had left her container on the sofa until I'd called her over to come eat some cereal and eggs. MIL sees the cereal and instantly starts clucking with disapproval. She thinks milk is evil because it is cold. But she has no problem with cold yogurt. Well, until today.

See, my friends, today, MIL got a little payback. And it was so glorious. Regretfully, I have no photos of this because if I'd rushed off to grab my camera and started snapping photos, I think Jeremy would have been most pissed.

Remember where I said Raelynn left her yogurt? It was on the sofa. MIL, as she's busy complaining about the evils of a Western-style breakfast, pays no mind to where she sits down on the sofa. And she sits right down on - yup, you guessed it! - Raelynn's strawberry yogurt!

It squashes with a noisy crunch and splat sound. Then MIL jumps up, realizes what she's done and at least laughs at herself for being a careless cow who doesn't watch where she sits. She has a huge splotch of yogurt right in the center of her giant ass. I'm done. I cannot even stop laughing. It's all so funny from the noise to the mess which she's scrambling to clean up to Raelynn, who is now in tears and saying the most hilarious things: "My yogurt! She smushed my yogurt! Oh no! I'll never have yogurt again. My straw is gone!" On and on this commentary went. I thought for a moment I might choke to death on my own breakfast.

Even though I had to leave my sweet precious children with my in-laws today (Raelynn will come to school next week when classes start), I got to leave with a smile on my face thinking about how MIL finally got her just desserts. Or should I say just breakfasts?


  1. This is just too great! Wonder if she will ever dare to sit down again without triple checking for evil diary products :D

  2. I should leave little cups of milk out everywhere. Ooooh! Or take out all the food from the refrigerator and freezer and replace it with cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream. Wait, that sounds too delicious!