Friday, February 20, 2015

Chinese New Year Fireworks

Trippy photo I took on CNY 2015 as the sun was giving the final salute for the evening and the fireworks were just beginning to pop.
It's been a busy few days. We rang in the official Chinese New Year and then the next day, we went around visiting with the older relatives in my husband's family. You may recall we did that last year as well. Yes, I'll be blogging about it but we've been keeping busy to keep from being sad that my folks aren't here. So sit tight...I'll get that written and posted as soon as I can.

In the meantime, you can enjoy these videos that I made of the fireworks outside our bedroom window. Enjoy the progression of noise, my inane narration as well as my progressing intoxication throughout the holiday evening!

This video is the first one I took, as things are just getting started, around 6:30pm, just after the sun set.

And here's another video I made a little while later when it was getting noisier. Thankfully this year, no one let off loud ones near our building too late. Either that or Seoul just wasn't as bothered by them as Raelynn was. Anyway, hope you enjoyed seeing what it's like outside in the night sky on Chinese New Year with me!

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