Thursday, January 8, 2015

MIL The Murderer!

As you know in the ongoing saga that is my life, MIL has been around this week, helping me out with the kids while I'm recovering from bronchitis. The kids were sick too but now everyone is better. And I'm trying to appreciate the convenience of having someone around to assist me. It IS nice not to have to cook anything right now and as the dust settles from the insanity that was the hell of having 2 sick kids at once, it's nice that I can get some work done on this blog because the small one has started teething and Lord knows if I will be able to ever use my computer again after she goes to sleep at night. Help.

Anyway, rewind a few days to when I was really sick as a dog to the point I could barely get out of bed. Both my in-laws were here. FIL was busy keeping the children entertained and MIL was cooking. I went to get some more water and that's when I noticed there was smoke.

I gesture wildly at her. It's coming from the microwave. What in the world is she making in there? She smiles and waves, like this is a common thing for microwaves to do, burst into flames. So I just close the door to the kitchen. And tell FIL. And then I take Seoul, who had a bad cough, into our bedroom, shut the door and open the windows. Because we do NOT need to be breathing in smoke. Ugh!

So what in the world was MIL doing to the microwave? Well, she broke it. Of course she did. Are you surprised? I'm just surprised it didn't happen sooner. But I'm not angry. How can I be? That microwave was old. You can see it in this photo...

They went out and bought us a new one, so I couldn't be mad if I tried, especially after hearing just how MIL killed that old microwave.

See, Chinese people love meat on a stick. She was trying to make chicken on a stick for us for lunch. Before you think this is bizarre, there is a barbecue function on many microwaves here. So MIL was using the barbecue function on the old microwave. I don't know if she ever used it before (we certainly hadn't) but the microwave was like HELL NO and just began smoking.

The new one is much more fashionable though it looks a bit like an oven, no?
I wonder how long before one of them gets this thing smoking...stay tuned!


  1. At least they got you a new one. Still waiting for a new toaster which MIL broke magicaly last spring...

    I think MILS have it programmed in their brains to destroy electric equipment in our apartments. So many things broke in the past two visits by her that I really consider renting an own apartment for her when she comes here next time so she wont destroy our new home!

    1. I told you before that you MUST write a post about all the stuff your MIL has destroyed. Seriously, I love your blog and I know I'd be delighted to read that. I can't be the only one who'd find that interesting. I think MIL felt she had to replace the microwave because I caught her in the act of breaking it. Wait a minute...that's it! Just put up cameras and record her breaking stuff. Then show her later. My FIL broke a dish a few months ago and I got very angry at him...not because of the dish but because he woke the baby and scared Raelynn. But he thought I was mad about the dish so the next day, he brought over a few new bowls. MIL broke the microwave in front of me so she HAD TO replace it. Aha! So if we don't see them do it, they can lie and pretend all they want they didn't do it but we know better.

    2. Dont worry, I will have in future a post about all the broken stuff... :p

      Yeah, some cameras would be great. Especially kitchen, bathroom (always underwater with my in-laws) and baby room!