Sunday, June 16, 2013

Double Vision

Last week, I came home from work and discovered MIL had bought Raelynn a new pair of pants. No, not these vomit-inducing pants. I suppose when you give someone a pair of pants like that, anything else you bring them looks like haute couture. Here is a photo of the pants she bought:
Yes, they're screaming green with stars on them. But I actually kind of, sort of, slightly dig them. With a white, or even a black shirt, they'd rock. Of course, Raelynn's only plain black or white shirts are long-sleeved and we are well into June now so that's not going to happen. She also has a pink shirt with some bright green in it which actually worked together. But for the most part, these seem an odd thing to match. Not that people here actually match shit. At least not our part of the city. I think I once mentioned before that my friend Andrea called our part of the town "the part of Qingdao that time forgot." It's so true. Go downtown and the women are dressed nice. Go here and you want to run for cover.

Anyway, it's hard enough to match a pair of pants like this. So why, why, WHY would anyone ever buy 2 of them? That's right. MIL bought not one but TWO pairs of these:
During winter, she bought Raelynn 2 pairs of plain black pants. I didn't bitch. Why would I? Black pants for toddlers are a wonderful gift. They go with everything. Having 2 of them is fantastic because while one pair is drying with the laundry, you can wear the other pair. But 2 pairs of THESE?!? Dear Lord! And wouldn't you know...that old bag duh through our laundry basket to wash one pair of these the other day. AGAIN!!!! But wait...she put a pair of Raelynn's socks that she'd worn and dirtied BACK INTO THE CLOSET AGAIN! It is a complete mystery to me what the fuck is wrong with this woman. Why can't she leave these in the laundry basket? It's not like it was overflowing with clothes. And even if it was, WASH THE WHOLE FUCKING BASKET OF LAUNDRY YOU CLOWN! And the socks! At least she's not washing just one pair of socks anymore but MY GOD, put them in the fucking laundry basket! YEESH!

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