Wednesday, January 7, 2015

The Postman Never Rings Once

My mom is the queen of sending the most rockin' care packages ever. Seriously, give this woman a crown. She deserves it. She's sent us many a'package while we've been here. Like this one here. But I think you might remember this package best. It's the one that should have arrived for my birthday, but alas, China Post is just sloth-like when it comes to delivering things.

At the beginning of December, my mom had told me she had just dropped 2 packages to us and was hoping they would be delivered by Christmas. She's a dreamer, but hell, so am I. She sent them in plenty of time too, but of course we wouldn't get them by the 25th. I should be thankful they arrived before 2015 though.

In them, my folks had sent wonderfully thoughtful gifts for the girls and some of my favorite food items...powdered donuts, swiss cake rolls, sinful candybars...oh yes. Delightful stuff, all of it.

The packages were both the same size and roughly the same weight. Not exceedingly heavy but not light as a feather either. For 2 weeks, my husband had called every day to find out if the packages were at the post office closest to us yet. Nope. Nope. Nope. And then finally, Jeremy called me from work to tell me the packages were here! I jumped for joy getting ready to fling open the door for the delivery guy but my husband told me not so fast.

See, they delivered them. To the store downstairs. Where they deliver packages when no one is home so they don't have to try to come back and deliver them. So when you get home, you go to the store and sign for your package and carry it away.

"But I'm home!" I wail into the phone! No one had called or knocked or anything. And that's when my husband tells me they told him they couldn't find anywhere to park so they just delivered them to the store.

Yes. Because they didn't need to stop the fucking van to get out and take out 2 fucking packages and go into the store with them. No, they drove right into the store and tossed those packages out the window at the clerk. *facepalm* The real story here is that some dolt just didn't feel like carrying 2 packages up 6 flights of stairs to a woman who was home alone with a baby and one small child and couldn't possibly come get them herself. Thank you, asshat!

Anyway, at least I have more chocolate to comfort me in those moments of homesickness. I swear, it's getting worse. I was just sitting at the table yesterday and I burst into tears. Maybe I'm still just out of it from being sick. Maybe I'm getting sick of MIL being here to help me. Maybe I realize that vacation fucking sucks ass when you live on this side of town and your husband is busy at work all day, leaving you with 2 small children. Or maybe I just feel like that because I was too sick to enjoy it for the last week.

Whatever the case, here's some photos of the girls enjoying the gifts they got from their Papa and Mimi. Thanks again Mom and Dad! I love you guys so much!
Finally, a toy that is all mine mine MINE! Bwahahahahahahaha! Seoul is thrilled she has something that is not a hand-me-down. She loves this doll!

Raelynn models one of her new outfits and snuggles her Palace Pet. She especially loves this pink shirt with the dogs and hearts on it. She wants to wear it every day.

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