Thursday, March 7, 2013

What The @#$%

Today when I came home from work, I could tell FIL had been here. How did I know? THIS is how I knew...

Given his fondness of package tape on other items (see here and here), it's rather obvious this was his doing. What you're looking at is a power strip on top of our dresser in our bedroom (along with some of my lotions just to the right of it). Why is there a power strip here? Well, if you've ever lived in this country, they seem to put power outlets in the damndest places, if at all. On the wall directly above this funness, there is an air-conditioner. And naturally, there was nowhere to plug it into. So, we creatively used the power strip to make things happen. I've seen this all over here and have no other conclusion to draw but that it is a Chinese thing (and possibly Korean thing since they do it at our school too but maybe that's because the school is in China). This place is full of half-assed electricians (and half-assed everything, actually).

Here is a closer picture:
Just look at that handiwork!

So now, you must be wondering WHY my FIL did this. Is it his next art project? Oh no. See, this was his way of "protecting" Raelynn. That's because my in-laws are too insipid to actually watch Raelynn. Never mind that we tell them not to let Raelynn play in our room, especially not unattended. They let her into our room and let her do what she wants. So she climbs onto our bed. Then she climbs onto Jeremy's nightstand, which is to the left of all this (not pictured). And from there, up she goes. And instead of curbing that behavior by telling her "No" very firmly and repeatedly and then removing her from there, they let her do whatever she fucking wants. Because they are absolutely the most idiotic and deranged people ever. Back home, no one would let such incompetent boobs watch children. Here, every family has a moron or two that you're stuck letting watch your children. How the population in China is so enormous is beyond me. Every day, I wonder how in the world my husband came from his parents. It is the most perplexing thing I have ever known.

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