Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It Was Just Her Imagination

This month, I officially began teaching English again though on a part-time basis. The decision to go back to work wasn't an easy one since I truly hate being apart from Raelynn, not to mention I don't particularly care for leaving her with my MIL on top of that. But over here, teachers get paid quite a bit and it would be foolish to pass up these opportunities to make money for us. After all, it's all for Raelynn and I would do anything to make her life a happy, fulfilling and amazing one. Part time is all I'd really wanted to do since it would give me the best of both worlds: I could teach again while getting out of the house for a little while and it would give Raelynn time with her grandma while giving me time away from my MIL.

But recently, my dear friend Genesis introduced an opportunity at the school she teaches at. It's for a full-time teaching position but the hours are more like part-time. And the pay, well, it was quite a lot. If they offer me the job, I'd be a fool to say no. So earlier this week, I had an interview. Genesis had asked me to take my husband along because the woman I'd meet with there didn't speak English very well. It's a Korean school and although I can speak Korean on a beginner/intermediate level, I don't feel comfortable holding a whole interview in Korean. Besides, my Korean skills are neither here nor there for this position. They want someone to teach English. And we all know I am quite well versed in that.

So while we were gone, MIL came over to watch Raelynn. And in the few short hours we were gone, she claimed to my husband (who, incidentally, has decided to use an English name after our friend Andrea suggested it, which would be "Lane", so from now on, we're calling him "Lane") that she cleaned the house for us. I almost doubled over laughing because the only difference in our home from the time we left to the time we returned was that it was DIRTIER. And it smelled funny. Is this her version of cleaning? I think perhaps she just imagined the whole thing. Just like she imagines she'll get to trot Raelynn out to one of the nearby dirty street markets and brag about her wonderful grandchild. No fucking way, lady. I went through the house all day yesterday cleaning and scrubbing everything and in no room and in no place could I visibly see where she could have possibly cleaned a single thing. True that she didn't leave dishes in the sink; the ones she "washed" were dirty still. And she left a pot full of sauce sitting on the counter to attract bugs. Oh and speaking of bugs, the fucking flies all came back because her troll-ass had a bowl of peaches sitting on our coffee table where she'd eaten some and then thrown her peach pits on top of uneaten peaches. Oh ew. I refused to eat any of the remaining peaches in the refrigerator for fear her mangy teeth came anywhere close to them plus let's not forget all the flies that were buzzing all around them! Augh!

And then, you know what she does? While we're eating, she takes the baby with her to go swat at the flies. You. Fucking. Dolt. Seriously, put my baby down while you do that! GOD! She could have dropped her! She could have swallowed flies too! My husband "Lane" was initially upset with me for getting upset about this. It took him a good couple of minutes to understand WHY I was pissed off. This woman is just so dumb. She knew about the flies the other day. And "Lane" asked her to please put all produce in the refrigerator immediately so as not to attract more bugs. He told her to especially not leave the peaches out. And what does she do? SHE LEAVES THEM OUT. So on top of her imagination running wild, she also let the flies run wild in our home again too. Yeah, you cleaned. And Casey Anthony is innocent. MY ASS! MIL is in no way creative. In fact, "Lane" recently admitted that she was (in his own words) an "uninteresting" woman. I imagine that in her head, there is one scraggly hamster with 2 broken legs trying to run on a broken wheel in a dirty cage, so I find it hard to believe she would just make this up for sport. What I believe is that she's just that dense in that she maybe took a dirty rag out of the laundry, wiped it around on the counter for 30 seconds and pronounced the house as "clean" because to her, in her world, that is what "clean" is. And THIS is WHY I won't let my in-laws take Raelynn to their home. Because I shudder to think what sort of filth they live in. If she leaves fruit out here, I can only imagine how much fruit she leaves out in her own home and how many flies must be milling around there at any given moment. Yuck.

So, will MIL get to torture my sweet little baby 5 days a week while "cleaning" my house? Well, that remains to be seen. If this job is meant to be for me, then I'll have at it. If not, I'll be ready for the next opportunity that comes along, which I'll watch out for in between cleaning up after my mess of a MIL.

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