Friday, June 27, 2014

Someone Made Me Eat This: Pre-Birthday Edition

As I mentioned in my last post, today was my last day of school before starting maternity leave. Celebration is in order, especially since tomorrow is my birthday. But instead of having someone like Curtis Stone showing up to cook my dinner, I wound up with MIL. Boo.

Can I just tell you that nothing sucks worse than being hungry and pregnant EXCEPT when you're served food that disgusts you. Seriously. I've said it before and I'll say it again...if I eat like this after the baby is born, I will lose the baby weight in about a month. No joke. If you want to lose a few pounds, please come on over and have dinner with us when MIL is cooking.

Don't believe me? Walk this way...
Hey, look who's back! It's that nasty mystery meat and green bean dish she made the other day that I didn't eat. She made it AGAIN. It's not leftovers. She just made the same dish I wouldn't touch again. Um, aren't you supposed to be making us food I can eat? Don't you remember what my doctor said about too much salt? How am I supposed to eat this? Why can't you just steam some fucking green beans and leave them alone, huh? Ugh!

If you remember in the last Someone Made Me Eat This post, we were just served lu bao, which are very tasty and are basically similar to fried dumplings. Well, using the SAME filling as last night's lu bao, she flattened the dough and fried these up. How is this healthy? It is FRIED. It is GREASY. It might be a bit tasty, but I don't want to eat the same things over and over again, even if they are repackaged in flatter and more fried dough.

Wow, 2 leftover pieces of chicken. I'm saved! It would have been nice if she heated this shit up but no. And I love the plating. And the side of xifan which I ate tonight to simply ward off starvation for the baby's sake.

Tomorrow is my birthday though and fortunately for me, The Half-Assed Chef (that's MIL in case you were wondering) will not be serving up any combination of the same fucking dishes she always serves. THANK GOD. My husband is taking me to the Shangri-La so I can enjoy a sumptuous buffet of my favorite foods - crabs, lobster, steak, imported cheeses and more, not to mention a heavenly dessert table. Oh yes!

If you missed the other posts in the Someone Made Me Eat This series, please click here to catch up. Or read them again and laugh your ass off at my expense. You can always send me real food (waiting on a package from my folks and I swear I will rip that thing open and start chowing as soon as it's delivered) or if anyone wants to send a professional chef my way, I'd love that too.

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