Sunday, June 1, 2014

Hey, Thanks MIL!

If you detected sarcasm in the title of this post then you win a prize. The prize being that you don't have my MIL for your MIL. And if yours is even one iota like mine, my sympathies.

Today, we have a whole new reason to be thankful for the pushy troll. Yes, that was sarcasm again. My, you're getting good at this, aren't you?

Add this to the list of reasons why MIL pisses me off...

We went for a check-up today at 32 weeks. As it's been getting warmer outside, I've noticed my ankles swelling up a bit. Dr. Wang was a bit concerned about it too so she had me take a urine test. The results stated that I'm taking in too much salt and now she told me I can't have any salt. On anything. Until the baby is born. Yay. Thanks, MIL.

How do I know this is her doing? Well, let's be fair. She didn't do it to harm me. This is just how she cooks. And if all the things she cooks suck, well, it's going to suck even more without salt, isn't it? My husband rather sheepishly admitted that his own father has always complained that MIL puts too much salt in everything. When I cook, if I use salt, I use a pinch. So now I can forget about even having a small handful of chips every now and then. Thanks, MIL.

It's totally her fault for insisting she cook for us 3 times a week. I didn't want her in here cooking in the first place and now look what happened. Not. My. Fault. Someone (coughcoughJeremeycough) should bow down now and start rubbing my swollen cankles whilst pinning diamond earrings to my ears.

The good news though is that the baby is doing very well. And my husband will be scolding his mother about her over-salting the food. And banishing her from using salt on our food. Can't he just banish her, period? Sigh. How I wish.

In other good news, Dr. Wang did not say that I'd gained too much weight (even though I seriously wanted to cry while being weighed) and she did not tell me I couldn't have sweets like she did when I was pregnant with Raelynn. So at least I can still enjoy some treats while I'm pregnant.

Until Baby Qu #2 arrives though, we will now officially be a salt-free family. That's if the queen of the dumbed can remember not to use salt on anything she cooks. This should be fun, seeing that she always forgets that the blue rags I keep far away from the kitchen sink are for scrubbing counters and she's always wiping her hands on them to clean off her fingers. Or washing our dishes with those rags. Lord help us all!

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