Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Revenge Of The Yuck

It's been almost a year since we discovered the Yuck of the Day in our kitchen. So why should my husband and I be so surprised that we discovered the revenge of the yuck today? Only this one is a whole new level of yuck. Not surprisingly, this yuck (and the yuck of the day) are brought to you by MIL.

First, let's take a look at this yuck, shall we?
Please excuse that it is in the garbage already. Ignore the eggshells. Those are from our breakfast. The yuck is that green slime in the clear plastic bag. Jeremy had just lobbed it in there moments before when he discovered it.

Now, this would be nothing to write home about had we simply found this in our refrigerator. Who hasn't forgotten about a bag of produce and left it to wither and rot away? But this...this was found NEXT TO our refrigerator. In the space between the window sill and the refrigerator, to be exact, where Jeremy has stashed some extra broken-down boxes and other crap of that sort. It's also where he's put our jumbo supply of napkins. I'd somehow missed the napkins when I was looking for them over there. I didn't miss the smell though. Something smelled foul but I couldn't figure out what. Not wishing to have an avalanche of boxes crash onto my pregnant-ass, I let it be.

Jeremy made this grisly discover this morning when I'd told him I was looking for more napkins.
"What IS this?" he asks, exasperated.
"Oh my God! Your mother strikes again!" I shout.

He laughs and throws it into the garbage. I run to get my camera because I'll be damned if I'll miss an opportunity to poke fun at her. Why in the hell does she put things outside of the refrigerator? We're not talking about a basket or tray of fruit here. We're talking about a bag that was once filled with green vegetables...perhaps spinach? And this bag was stuffed somewhere in the middle of about 5 or so extra boxes on the side of our refrigerator.

Let that sink in a second. I've said it before and I'll say it again...she's a few dumplings short of a Chinese New Year celebration.

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