Sunday, September 23, 2012

Water, Water Everywhere...

A few posts ago, in the middle of my laundry list of current complaints about everyone's favorite (not really) MIL, I mentioned how she'd somehow messed up the kitchen faucet so that it is now loose. And that in her clumsy, half-assed efforts to pretend to wash the dishes (I call what she does pretending as that is all you can call it - every dish she supposedly washes STILL has food on it), when she knocked this thing loose, caused it to now leak out water from underneath the sink somewhere into the cabinet below it and then out onto the floor.

Well, my husband refuses to acknowledge something is wrong with the sink. I don't know about you, but when water is coming out of the sink, I feel it's time to call a plumber. Because, while I personally don't mind mopping the floors, I do mind mopping the same spot on my kitchen floor over 20 times a day. He actually told me to just turn the water on a little because when I turn it on full-throttle, THAT is the reason it's leaking. You know what look I gave him, don't you? Of course you do! It's that look all women have programmed into their genes for when the men in their lives say something this insipid. If you're a man reading this, I can guarantee you some woman somewhere in the world at some time (and likely, many times) has shot you this exact look.

Anyway, for your viewing pleasure (and to prove to my husband he is a chopstick short of a set), here are some photos of our lovely kitchen floor covered with water that has escaped from the pipes of the sink:
This large puddle has oozed all the way to the kitchen door. You can see the bottom portion of the cabinet in the sliver of background there. Yeah, that's not a problem or anything. Sigh.

Here, you can see water all along the fugtacular baseboards. I'm sure my turning the water on too high was the problem and not that old bag of a MIL who comes in here and treats everything with no regard.
 A closer shot of the puddle that has formed just under the cabinets under the sink.

Smile for your closeup, puddle!

 One more puddle closeup!

Oh, how exciting! As I've been writing this, Jeremy has conceded that there might, indeed, be something wrong with our sink. I'm so glad he's gotten on the path to enlightenment instead of the lollygagging around under the bridge where the elves and trolls roam.Well, this is certainly good news. Now we won't need that raft after all!

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