Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Unreserved Reserved Spot

This afternoon, as we walked toward our car to head to the supermarket, Jeremy told me something rather amusing. He said the parking guy for our street approached him the other day. He had quite the offer! He said that if Jeremy paid him 150 rmb, he could have a reserved spot that only he could park in. We already pay 100 rmb per month to be able to park on our shitty street, which is often a challenge thanks to the idiotic construction disasters that often afflict the road we live on. But if we paid a total of 250 rmb per month, we'd have a reserved spot.

Of course, that seemed too good to be true. People are always parking like royal shitheads here even when there is no construction going down. Guaranteeing a reserved spot on this street seems a bit hokey. My husband asked the parking guy how he intended to keep the spot free from other cars. Will you always be able to keep it available? And the guy's answer? "I don't know." Oh, man! Only in this country will someone offer you a reserved parking space that's all for you but be unable to make that happen for you. Gotta give him an A for effort though.

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