Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cold Things Will Kill You! Cake Too!

 Killer Cake by ArcZero. Neat!

One thing I have always despised since living here is when people tell you something so idiotic and they expect you to believe it too. Only problem is I'm from the educated world and they are not.

I'm talking about MIL here and her constant freakout about consuming cold things. Or being too cold. As I type this, Raelynn is napping on our sofa with a blanket AND MIL's dingy winter coat tossed over her for good measure. Not like we don't have heating or anything.

MIL came this afternoon shortly after I'd just scrubbed a round of vomit off Raelynn and the sofa. Early this morning, Raelynn had eaten her usual cereal with milk. She'd also requested an egg, which I'd made her but she'd been picking at. I assumed it was due to her zoning off on her cartoons, which is a frequent occurrence. She tells me her tummy hurts and I assure her she just needs to poop. So off she goes to the potty and makes a totally normal poop. She says she feels better. Problem solved.

Soon, it's time for lunch. I make us some leftovers from yesterday's lunch - a pasta I'd made with mascarpone cheese and sandwiches using the fried chicken MIL had made for dinner. Raelynn had been happily eating this stuff yesterday but suddenly, she didn't want to eat anything. She said her tummy hurt again. I told her to try to make another poop. But this time, she doesn't. She says she's not hungry. She wants to play. I scold her for not eating properly and the next thing I know, she's barfing everywhere. Lovely. Poor thing.

As I clean her up, Seoul is crying away in her crib. Nothing I can do but let her sit there and cry while I attend to Raelynn. Once I get Raelynn cleaned up, I go put Seoul down for a nap. While I'm in there, MIL shows up. When I emerge to check on Raelynn, I tell MIL about how Raelynn threw up. First, she blames my food. The food Raelynn didn't even eat! So I yell at the old cow. What an idiot. My food is to blame and she didn't even consume it.

So then she asks what else she's eaten and I tell her cereal and milk and some of an egg. And she blames the milk! It's cold! You gave her cold milk! How dare you! Bitch, please. She eats cereal and milk every day without a problem.

Then, she blames the cake I made for Jeremy's birthday yesterday. You gave her a piece of cake! You bet I did. It was her daddy's birthday. I gave her a small piece of cake after dinner. Now I'm some horrible mom. And hey, speaking of horrible moms, you not once said "Happy Birthday" to your own son on his birthday. Have you no soul? This woman! Ugh.

She thinks the stupidest thoughts. Do you see why it is so difficult for me to endure her? Here is a woman who insists that milk and cereal are bad for Raelynn and this is the culprit but will take her to the yogurt shop around the corner. THAT YOGURT IS COLD! She cooks food and lets it sit out. Oh that won't kill you but a small piece of cake? Geez.

I cannot even wait for our upcoming trip. That was a pleasure, telling her we were going. She had no idea. I can't believe Jeremy didn't tell her yet. Oh well...cat's out of the bag. And the lioness is sharpening her claws for the next attack.

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  1. Cold things have been the reason for anything I or my wife had so far during our trips in China. Especially when I got a bad stomach from eating some super spicy weird food last year my in laws and all their friends blamed the cold beer I drank...alright