Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas In July

I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! I've got a little present for you all that I have been waiting to share. If you're a family member or one of my friends, you've likely already seen my Facebook post. I'll let Raelynn do the honors...
Yes, baby Qu #2 is on the way, set to arrive in mid-July! Now you know why I had been neglecting the blog over most of December. I had to tell my brother and parents before I could say anything. How could I announce to them via Facebook or my megabitchy blog that I was pregnant again? Exactly. Though some of you were quite astute in noticing something I had said about being sensitive to smells in this post. Nice decoding!

In any event, I'm mostly excited, a little scared...I mean, I just KNOW I'm never going to sleep again, am I? And I wonder how I will be a great mommy when I have to split my attention between two children. Is it a boy or a girl? Will it be as cute and fun as Raelynn? Will they team up to make me go insane? Even worse, will my in-laws make me even more crazy than they already?

Stay tuned for all that and more!


  1. I know I only have one kiddo, but from what I've seen, having two doubles everything - including your capacity for love! Don't worry about Raelynn having to sacrifice time or love. By some sorcery, they both simply *poof* expand! You are an amazing mom, as is evidenced by the smile on your daughter's face. You will doubt a lot of things over the next few months and years, but never doubt that!

  2. Congrats!! You will do great!!! :)