Sunday, May 6, 2012

My Rookie Mistake

This is a true story and is dedicated to all the other new moms out there. And for all of you who have been parents longer, I am quite sure you will enjoy a good laugh at my expense.

One evening after work last week, I was busy trying to balance spending time with Raelynn while preparing dinner before Jeremy got home from work. It's a daunting task at times as she'll just shriek her little head off because she's missed me all day. Yet if I don't at least start making dinner, my husband and I will starve. I usually hop in the playpen and play with her for a little bit and then, when I've sufficiently distracted her with a toy, I sneak off into the kitchen and begin getting everything ready.

On this day, Raelynn predictably began crying again. It sounded like she'd made a poop although she'd made one about 45 minutes before. Some days, she is more like a poop producing factory than a little girl. I don't even need to check as I approach the playpen. I can smell her a mile away. I scoop her up and bring her into her room to clean her up and change her. And that's when I notice this is no ordinary poop. Oh no. It's one of her super poop explosions. And it's everywhere! Dear Lord! How does something so cute make such disgusting and smelly messes? I have no choice but to bathe this stinky creature right away.

And that's when I made the ultimate rookie mistake. I began with cleaning her up the best I could with wipes and then tossing those and the diaper away. And instead of putting another diaper on her, I just left her to frolic around in her crib for all of 2 minutes while I filled up her bath tub. That was my downfall. I'd gotten her bath ready to go and now I was ready for her. What I found was a very happy and energetic baby who had been running back and forth in her crib. While doing that, she evidently peed. And because she was running back and forth, she peed EVERYWHERE.

It's well after 6pm. I've got nothing finished for dinner. I have to give Raelynn a bath. And then when I am finished, I have to clean her crib mattress and wrangle clean sheets on there (which is a total nightmare because MIL had them made and they are a wee bit small so it makes it quite a challenge to put them on). Fortunately, my husband arrives home with a roasted duck. It's like he read my mind and knew we needed something for dinner. Together, we teamed up to prepare some vegetables to accompany it. And Jeremy took care of putting new sheets on the crib mattress.

I learned my lesson that day: Never ever ever leave a baby in the crib (or on your bed or any place that you don't want to scrub urine out of) without a diaper for even a second. Of course I know this could have been much worse. She could have taken another shit.

Here's the pee pee monster taking a bath (this is not from the bath on that fateful pee pee day though):

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