Thursday, April 14, 2011

Goodbye Sanity. Hello MIL.

There goes my idea of a peaceful day.

Despite being horribly tired as I’m about to enter week 38 of pregnancy, I forced myself to clean the house from top to bottom. I know my days are numbered before the baby comes and I just want everything to be as clean and orderly as it can be. That said, I expect anyone that enters this home, my husband included, to pick up after themselves and to keep up my standards of clean. It’s not easy to clean like this anymore but I do it anyway. It makes me feel in control of something since I cannot control when the baby will come out. It also makes feel better when I know everything is truly clean. Plus, it’s pretty good exercise. 

I spent 2 hours after breakfast washing dishes, vacuuming, dusting, mopping and putting things into their rightful places in every room of our home. I also made sure to clean the baby’s room again which I don’t do every single day but if I go into labor tomorrow, I know that room will be nice and clean. I was actually contemplating a nap at 11am. I need all the rest I can get at this point and I tend to listen to my body when I feel tired. 

Suddenly, I hear knocking at the door, then unlocking, then entry. And I cringe and groan. It’s her. My MIL. My husband had promised me she’d only come twice a week. She’s already been here twice this week. I do not wish to look at her. When I texted my husband about this, he said he told her to come and that it’s good for her. Um, hello? Did he hit his fucking head? I’m the one who is about to give birth to your first child. It should only matter what is good for ME AND THE BABY. Not your mom, who fucked up my pristine, sparkling tile floors with her muddy fucking shoes as soon as she entered. I pointed this out to her and she starts apologizing. She grabs the mop and when she’s done, there are STILL footprints on my damned floor. What the hell is wrong with her? Let’s even give her the benefit of the doubt…maybe she can’t see so well anymore. Even with that, you’d still not be able to miss the mess. It wasn’t like she left a small spot of dirt on the floor. SHE LEFT ENTIRE FOOTPRINTS! 

I wish I could just go somewhere and not have to deal with her today. Want to invade my clean house? FINE. I’m out of here! But I can’t. I will be 38 weeks pregnant tomorrow, and to wander around a city like this alone at this stage of pregnancy is a pretty stupid idea. I could take the bus or a taxi but then what would I do when I get where I’m going? I have to pee so often, I might as well just stay in our bathroom. Everyone I know here is at work so it’s not like I’d even have good company. My husband thinks his mother coming over will help me to not be lonely but it makes me even more lonely having some boring old lady coming into my house, messing up my things and making things that smell like farts in my kitchen. 

She should be the one that leaves. I shut our little stupid 70’s privacy curtain to show her I am in no mood to deal with her today. I wish she’d take the fucking hint. I don’t want to go into labor with her here. I would so much rather be alone and have to deal with everything myself than to have her pestering me while I’m having contractions. The thought of this makes me downright stabby. I was much happier when I thought I’d get to enjoy my day to myself. I could be napping right now! Then, I could have woken up after my rest and ate lunch from the savory dinner leftovers that I made last night (fabulous baked chicken breasts stuffed with tomato slices, mozzarella cheese and rosemary, which my husband had declared were “Excellent” between mouthfuls). Watched some old Simpsons episodes or even a cheesy American movie from my DVD collection. All this is ruined. Well, perhaps I could still watch my DVDs but I’m just too angry now. I don’t understand why she just won’t fuck off and why my husband seems to have fallen into a spell of amnesia regarding my wishes for some privacy before the baby comes and I never, ever get to sleep again. But hey, it’s good for HER to come over and annoy the living shit out of a ready-to-pop pregnant woman who just wants to be left alone and watch movies in her own native language of English and not exhaust herself further trying to talk to someone who is as exciting as drying paint in a language that will take her more than just 6 months to master. SERENITY NOW!

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