Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Barf: It's What's For Dinner

What would you do if someone served you this for dinner?
Why, is that barf on rice with a side of overcooked green beans? It IS! My favorite. NOT!

Here it is with flash on:
 Doesn't this look like something you'd step over at the last minute on the sidewalk because you were almost too drunk to notice it before it was too late? This dish is like a visual interpretation of my college years.

But don't worry. I didn't starve completely. She made steamed shrimp which were great and oddly, steamed potatoes, which were just ok. Chinese people steam their potatoes whole while Americans bake them. They don't taste as good steamed, in my opinion, but a little bit of butter helps make it tolerable. China: ruining food for over 5,000 years. That should be the tagline. I can hear my friend Aaron Gordon howling with laughter from here after reading that one.

Maybe I should give MIL a break. I mean, I am trying to lose the last bit of baby weight here. Then again it sucks ass to be breastfeeding and feel constantly hungry every hour of the day. Like right now. I just ate and I am so hungry I could eat a house. But I could not and would not eat a plate of barf on rice. No way, no how.

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