Sunday, January 26, 2014

Fish Food Engrish

I always feel bad when people ask us if we have pets because I always inadvertently blurt out, "No." But that's not true at all. We have a tank of fish. Yet, when people inquire about this, I tend to think of pets as furry creatures like cats and dogs so I automatically answer in the negative.

 But how could I forget these guys?

See? Aren't they cute? For fish, I mean. They like me best too. Seriously. See how they're hanging out at the top? They like me the best because, well, I'm awesome. That, and I feed them.

Here's a look into the tank from the top. They are anticipating the fish food.

Recently, I noticed that the English on the fish food was rather hilarious. I don't know why it's taken me this long to notice. Maybe because I'm the same type of person who forgets that fish are pets. Hey, at least I don't forget to FEED my pets, thankyouverymuch.

Here is a photo of the back of the fish food, filled with Engrish galore!
It might be hard for you to read, so here it is, verbatim:

The Producst are suitable for various types of
tropical fish.Chosen excellent material and
special manufacturing techn ology.the produ-
cts are delicious,easy to digest, and rich in
nutrition. The pellets have some floating on the
water and Others sinkingdown. Catering to fish
in the upper,middle and Dottom levels. So fish
living in different water levels will gain enough
nutritions food.

To feed 1-3 meals daily, several times each
meal. Give small quantity each Time to pre-
vent polluting the water. Keep storage in sh-
ady cool and dry area. Twist on the cap to
keep food from damp. do not feed with time
-expired or deteriorated food.

As a former copywriter and editor, I can't tell you how greatly this amuses me. It's just so...bad. I mean, I know it's fish food and all but why bother putting it in English if you can't properly USE English? I love that they put "Dottom" (and capitalized it, no less) instead of "bottom." Why are Chinese people always confusing the "b" and "d" in writing? In lowercase, I could understand. I have students that do the same thing. But uppercase? Come on! How hard is it to ask a native English speaker to edit your translations? I'd do it.

Also, I have to point out about how it says to "Twist on the cap to keep food from damp." Not only is that hilarious wording, but also, this is in a resealable bag, not a canister with a cap. Sigh.

Then again, without Engrish, the world would be a less amusing place.

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