Sunday, January 5, 2014

An Ocean Of Engrish

You know what I love? Fiscal solvency. Just kidding. If you're a fan of The Simpsons, you no doubt chuckled at that. If not, meh. Anyway, back to what I love. My husband. My daughter. Cheeseburgers. Hot fudge sundaes. And all of these things, all together while we walk around by the sea and discover Engrish! Oh hot damn yes! It made my day!

We took Raelynn to the Sunday play group and then after, I expressed my craving for burgers and ice cream for lunch. I know, I know. It's not at all healthy, but most of the time during this pregnancy, I've been chowing down on veggies and fruits so I think the occasional trip to fast food greasy-land is a lovely reward that we can all enjoy. Raelynn's quiet while she eats fries and a sundae and we're all a happy family together.

Jeremy suggested we walk around by the ocean while we were there. It's really pretty and despite being cold and windy, we were up for the walk. We took a short 15-minute walk around before we headed back toward the parking garage. We were marveling at how lovely this particular pier, the Olympic Sailing Pier, is at this time of year because there are no tourists. If you think tourist season back home in Florida is annoying, just come here and you'll give anything for the snowbirds from the northeast, I promise you. As we noticed the lack of human beings (and relished it) we also took notice that all the little kiosks to buy cheap snacks or even tacky souvenirs were closed. And suddenly, I stopped dead in my tracks and howled with laughter. English is Jeremy's 3rd language, but he saw it too and couldn't contain himself. What did we see?

Ribs face.
We were laughing so hard, we almost missed the amusing dish just above it. Here's a better look...
Would you like to try the hot and sour powder, anyone? Seriously, when I see shit like this, it makes my day. It makes living in China a happy, fun place.

A short distance away, there were many small sailboats docked. Raelynn loves to look at them. I don't know why. Any time we've gone over to this area, she always wants to go see the boats. So we took her to the lower dock to go check them out. I found this sign...
I didn't know pontoons, or boats, had a risk of electric shock. Because if that were the case, would any of us have ever ventured in for a snorkel or dive after boating out into the open sea? I asked Jeremy about the Chinese and it mentions nothing of a boat so I think whoever translated the sign got confused about the meaning of a pontoon. Maybe they just liked the way it sounds when you say it. Pontoon. See? You said it out loud, didn't you? In any event, if the electric shock of the pontoons aren't enough to keep you out of the water, perhaps the subzero temperatures are.

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