Sunday, March 25, 2012

Nice Try, MIL

Every day before I go to work, I painstakingly choose an outfit for Raelynn to wear. Usually, Jeremy will change her while I'm getting ready. But if he doesn't have time, I leave the outfit on top of Raelynn's toy chest for MIL to put her in. I do this so I don't come home to a baby that is overbundled in mismatched garments, and it seemed to be working.

Until last week that is. When I'd come home, I noticed Raelynn's closet door had been opened. That's no big deal except it looked like someone (guess fucking who) had rifled through there looking for something which pissed me off because I keep all her clothes folded neatly and they'd been tossed around with no regard whatsoever. But Raelynn was still in what we'd dressed her in earlier in the day, meaning there was no reason to look for a change of clothes. What did it mean? It meant that the troll-in-law was looking for something. But what?

And then, I had it. Way back in the corner of this poorly-designed closet in what was the stack of clothing I'd set aside because these items were still too large for Raelynn was an ugly white fleece vest with a rabbit on the back (dear God) and that horrid sweater she bought at the same time as those fugly-ass red shoes. It dawned on me that this bitch was dressing Raelynn in these disgusting clothes while we were away. Which is really annoying on so many levels. First, we've asked her to not change Raelynn's clothes unless she poops all over them. Second, we've asked her not to overbundle Raelynn. And here she is obviously doing both for no good reason. Sure, it's still a bit cold out but it's warming up now that spring is here. But it's not cold inside our house.

So what is a mom to do to protect her child from stupid relatives who should follow directions and stop pretending that they are the baby's mother instead of me? Why, shove all those ugly MIL temptations into the vortex of ugly clothes of course! Which is just what I did. And I couldn't help but snicker the next day when I came home to see that she'd quite obviously dug through the closet again looking for her hideous dress-up clothes. Nice try, MIL, but you lose again.

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